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Axie Infinity Announces Axie Bounty Aid Program


Axie Infinity, the popular blockchain-based game, has launched a new initiative to support players struggling to complete daily tasks on the Bounty Board.

The Axie Bounty Aid program aims to help gamers who face challenges in completing their daily tasks due to a lack of Fortune Slips, and is designed to support players who do not yet own collectible Axies.

By completing daily bounties and sharing their progress, participants have the opportunity to win a Prayer Delegation, along with 100 Fortune Slips.

Axie Bounty Aid
Source: Axie Infinity

How to participate in the Axie Bounty Aid?

  1. To participate, players simply need to complete the first three Daily Bounties:
    • Activate Atia
    • Win 1 Battle in Classic
    • Win 1 Battle in Origins
  2. Submit an entry by posting a screenshot of the completed tasks on X, including your Ronin address and tag @axieinfinity with the hashtag #bountyaid.

20 winners will be announced every Friday at 14:00 VN (7:00AM UTC). The Prayer Delegation lasts for one week, but participants who maintain their streak and continue to post their progress on X can extend their delegation for up to a month.

For more information on Axie Bounty Aid, follow Axie Infinity on X.

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