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Netmarble Launches Pocket Girls: Idle RPG, Integrates $MBXL


Marblex, Netmarble’s web3 gaming division, has launched its latest mobile-based title “Pocket Girls: Idle RPG” in collaboration with indie game developer Nugem.

The game combines casual gaming with idle RPG mechanics, and marks Netmarble’s 5th web3 title and the first to integrate the ecosystem token $MBXL.

Pocket Girls: Idle RPG is now available globally for free on Google Play.

Pocket Girls: Idle RPG by Marblex
Source: Marblex

What is Pocket Girls: Idle RPG?

Nugem Studio, known for titles like “Isekai Fighting Girls” and “Kkanbu Battle,” co-developed “Pocket Girls,” designed to be accessible for beginners.

The storyline follows Maymay, who seeks to reunite with friends and confront Triple A, the game’s antagonist. Players collect heroes, upgrade martial arts skills, and battle through dungeons to earn rewards. The game integrates with Marblex’s ecosystem, allowing users to use their Marblex wallet to purchase a World Fighting Championship Key for leaderboard participation.

The $MBXL token is central to the Marblex ecosystem, tradable at a 1:1 ratio with $gMBXL, a bridge token within the ecosystem.

For more details and to download the game, visit Google Play and follow Marblex on X.

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