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Earth From Another Sun Launches Citizenship Passport NFT Mint


How to get involved?

The mint kicks off on May 10 at 6:00 UTC on Magic Eden, with the first 6 hours reserved for pre-approved users.

This is then followed by a five hour window for First-Come, First-Served (FCFS) whitelist starting 12:00PM UTC. While any remaining NFTs will be available for purchase during the public sale beginning at 5:00PM UTC.

Players can join the Kepler Citizenship Program, EFAS’s proprietary missions platform, to secure a whitelist spot. This also allows players to earn contribution points through various missions for future benefits within the game.

What is Earth From Another Sun?

Earth From Another Sun (EFAS) is a sci-fi, open-world MMO game that features a galaxy where players can explore planets, lead armies, and engage in combat with various enemies, both human and alien.

The game is currently in Alpha testing, featuring only PvE gameplay with plans to add PvP modes in future updates.

In the game, players complete missions and quests, each of which impacts the in-game universe in some way. The cumulative effect of these actions can change the game’s world over time, making it a dynamic environment.

EFAS supports single-player and cooperative multiplayer modes, allowing players to form groups of four with plans for large-scale raids in future updates. The team plans to offer players the ability to create custom content, including unique quests, NPCs, and even entire planets.

Players can access the alpha by owning the Citizenship Passport NFT or a Companion NFT.

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