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Salvor Secures $1M for Prime NFT Lending Platform on Avalanche


Salvor, a peer-to-peer (P2P) NFT and memecoin lending platform, has joined the Avalanche Rush Program and received up to $1 million in $AVAX from the Avalanche Foundation.

Operating on the Avalanche C-Chain, Salvor offers a dynamic lending and borrowing marketplace where participants can use their NFTs and memecoins as collateral—enhancing liquidity and financial flexibility across the Avalanche network.

The Avalanche Rush Program—a liquidity mining initiative active since 2021—has significantly boosted Avalanche’s DeFi ecosystem by enhancing accessibility, decentralization, and cost efficiency.

Through this initiative, Salvor participants can earn points for tasks like creating loan offers, borrowing, and trading. These points can be redeemed for rewards in $AVAX or Salvor’s $ART token.

Source: X (Salvor)

Salvor’s Specialized Tactics in NFT Loans

Since launching in November 2022, Salvor, which hosts over 800 NFT collections—including renowned names like Dokyo, MadSkullz, and Chikn—has shifted from an art-focused platform to a major NFT trading and lending hub. 

The platform simplifies borrowing by allowing users to secure $AVAX loans using their NFT assets as collateral, with lenders earning interest on short-term loans.

Additionally, Salvor streamlines trading with one-transaction bulk actions to save time and reduce gas fees and includes a dedicated pool balance for managing bids, offers, and loans.

It also offers trait-specific bidding for strategic control, lower interest rates for timely repayments to decrease borrowing costs, and lending of fungible tokens for diversified investment opportunities.

Each feature of Salvor is designed to improve both efficiency and flexibility for traders dealing with large volumes of digital assets.

Participation in the Avalanche Rush Program underscores its dedication to promoting NFT and memecoin trading and lending on the vibrant Avalanche network. 

Get started with Salvor’s innovative platform today >> Here

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