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Upland Seek Artists For Genesis 2024 Design Challenge


What is the Genesis 2024 Design Challenge?

Upland are inviting participants to design two new structure models.

The artist behind the winning designs, selected by the Upland team, will then be given the opportunity to create three additional models in the same theme, designing a neighborhood that will exclusively feature their distinct models.

The team would also like to see participants share their creations on social media – don’t forget to tag Upland!

Submissions open on May 1 at 16 UTC, and close May 21 at 16 UTC. The winner will be announced live in Las Vegas at Genesis Week on June 7.

Full details for the challenge, including desired structure types, contest requirements and rules can be found on Upland’s Medium.

If you’re a developer, rather than a designer, check out the Genesis 2024 Hackathon, which is running concurrently to this competition.

What are the prizes?

The challenge winner will receive:‍

  • 5 free properties in their newly crafted neighborhood
  • 5 Spark to bring even more of your ideas to life within Upland

Jason Festa, Creative Director at Upland, said; “Crafting your unique themed node in Upland offers boundless creative opportunities for our platform creators. Envision this space as your personal sandbox, where the rules are shaped by your chosen theme. I’m thrilled at the potential for innovation and creativity that our platform’s creators will bring to these unique spaces.”

S‍ubmit your designs here:

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