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DeGods, y00ts Solana Return Sparks Price Surge—and Backlash


Since returning home to Solana just days ago, the DeGods and y00ts NFT collections have experienced a notable increase in value despite community backlash.

At the time of writing, around 3,000 DeGods have left Ethereum, with 5,100 y00ts transitioning back from Polygon, boosting their floor prices to 51 SOL and nearly 13 SOL. 

Nevertheless, some community members criticize the timing of the NFT project’s Solana revisit, with one member commenting on X, “How can you support a project that left our chain at its darkest time and now rejoins when Solana is the place to be?”

As per CryptoSlam data, the Solana blockchain is currently up by 71.99%. Although, the network still trails behind Ethereum and Bitcoin.

degods solana return

DeGods’ History of Chain Switches 

During that same weekend, DeGods took to X to reveal its plan to migrate to Ethereum, while its counterpart, y00ts, disclosed its intention to transition to Polygon in the coming year.

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In October 2023, the transition finally commenced. Impressively, an astonishing 4,600 y00ts holders migrated their assets from Polygon to Ethereum within the first seven hours of being feasible.

Additionally, the migration entailed the transfer of DeGods’ DUST token—utilized for trading and minting NFTs within its ecosystem—to the respective blockchains.

DeGods also took a step across the Bitcoin bridge on March 21, 2023, to capitalize on the success of Ordinals NFTs.

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