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Immutable x Polygon Inject $100M into Web3 Gaming


Two of the world’s most prominent blockchain entities, Immutable and Polygon, have teamed up to launch the ‘Inevitable Games Fund’—a $100 million fund allocated to bolster web3 gaming. 

At the helm of this ambitious funding initiative are Immutable’s Co-Founders, James and Robbie Ferguson, and Polygon’s Co-Founder, Sandeep Nailwal.

As per a recent X post, together, they will “identify best-in-class investment opportunities across the $1B+ global video game industry.”

The substantial capital injection will benefit games on both networks, initially including the popular blockchain titles Pixelmon, MetalCore, Guild of Guardians, and My Pet Hooligan.

immutable polygon web3 gaming
Source: X (Immutable)

Substantial Support from Heavyweights

Inevitable Games Fund has secured substantial support from Polygon and Immutable, complemented by significant investments from King River Capital, Abu Dhabi’s Alpha Wave Ventures, and other key investors.

Immutable and King River Capital leaders will spearhead the fund, while Polygon Labs will leverage their industry expertise to facilitate crucial sourcing efforts.

The robust support from all parties involved underscores their collective dedication to driving the advancement of blockchain-based gaming—a sector that distinguishes itself from traditional gaming through NFTs and Play-to-Earn mechanics

Notably, throughout the past year, the blockchain gaming and metaverse sectors garnered $2.9 billion across 163 deals. Though data shows a decrease from 2022, web3 gaming remained the primary focus of user activity in the dApp ecosystem throughout 2023.

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