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Mocaverse NFT Holders Gain Priority Access to Token Sale


Animoca Brands’ Mocaverse just opened its much-awaited $MOCA public token sale—a pivotal initiative that champions community engagement within its virtual realm. 

$MOCA’s launch emphasizes the significance of a united effort to build a broad, interoperable cultural economy. Consequently, it grants exclusive token access to Mocaverse NFT holders, Moca ID users, and key partners only. 

The community public sale—now open to its bustling fellowship—is a gesture of appreciation, offering a favorable vesting schedule to those who share a dedication to Mocaverse’s progress and innovation.

In addition, Mocaverse users can gain both immediate and future rewards through ‘Realm Points’ and ‘Shard Rush’. Shards facilitate item crafting, promoting membership expansion.

In line with this, another notable new advancement is the introduction of ‘Crafting Machine’—a cross-platform gamification feature that lays the groundwork for a lasting crafting system. 

mocaverse token sale
Source: MOCA Coin

$MOCA Community Public Sale Details

The $MOCA sale presents 8,888,888,888 tokens, with 126,984,127 earmarked for the community sale, available via 

Its membership offering showcases an impressive lot size of 2,539 $MOCA available for $100, featuring the most advantageous token vesting terms observed to date: an initial 5% unlocks at the ‘Token Generation Event’. 

To receive the tokens, participants must activate ‘Guaranteed Codes’ and ‘Waitlist Codes’ into ‘Guaranteed Lots’ and ‘Waitlist Lots’ by April 11, 8 am (UTC). Everything will be clear when heading to the Mocaverse.

Additionally, this initiative recognizes the importance of “whales” in the ecosystem by allocating specific resources for substantial capital commitments, promoting a balanced and diverse participant base.

Equipped with detailed guides and a supportive community, Mocaverse is set to embark on a path of collaboration, innovation, and collective success through its novel token distribution methods and captivating developments. 

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