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OPEN Ticketing Ecosystem Launch To Transform Global Ticketing


What has OPEN achieved so far? 

Since 2016, the OPEN Ticketing Ecosystem has issued 5 million tickets for a wide array of events across the globe, from stadium shows to comedy clubs and museums.

OPEN’s rebranding coincides with the launch of a new event financing system, helping organizers and artists to fund their events without relying on a traditional ticketing solution.

Planned integrations are set to boost OPEN’s ticket volume to 20 million tickets in the near future.

Source: OPEN

What is the $OPN token?

$OPN is OPEN’s native token, which will launch on March 28th.

The $OPN token will be used by ticketeers to fuel all tickets processed through OPEN. Holders of OPN will be able stake their tokens to receive a portion of the yield from ticket sales: as a ticket holder checks into an event, $OPN will be sent to stakers from the treasury of a structured DAO.

OPEN’s ambition is to switch 1% of events worldwide to an onchain ticketing solution in the next five years – and with the onchain ticketing industry currently valued at $30 million compared to the $85 billion of the traditional industry, the team hopes to bring substantial value onchain, to the benefit of their holders.

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