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Can you describe the moment or series of events that led you to transition from a career in Electrical Engineering to pursuing your passion for art?

The transition from engineering to art was a gradual evolution rather than a sudden switch. The journey began in high school, with a penchant for doodling brand logos, hinting at a deep-seated passion for design. University days were spent in the dual realms of electrical engineering and design, idolizing legends like Paul Rand and Saul Bass. The real turning point came with a design competition that opened up global perspectives, eventually leading to the establishment of a design agency and a serendipitous encounter with the NFT world. This culminated in the successful launch of the ‘Pele’ NFT collection, marking a decisive pivot towards art.

How has your preference for solitude and minimalism influenced your artistic style and themes?

At 32, embracing solitude and minimalism has deeply influenced the artist’s journey. Solitude, rather than loneliness, offers a canvas for introspection and creativity, fostering a minimalist aesthetic that stands out in a maximalist world. Art, thus, becomes a vehicle for celebrating solitude’s positive aspects, with themes of courage, resilience, and fearlessness woven throughout.

What drew you to using Adobe Illustrator and ProCreate, and how do these tools help convey your vision?

Adobe Illustrator and ProCreate resonate with the artist’s love for precision and symbolic representation. Vector illustrations in Illustrator align with a minimalistic style, while ProCreate allows for mobile creativity. These tools facilitate the expression of solitude and courage, essential themes in the artist’s work.

Can you elaborate on your thesis, ‘Expressing Feelings of Solitude with Minimal Elements’?

This thesis embodies the artist’s belief in conveying solitude’s raw emotions through minimalistic art. By stripping down to essentials, the art invites viewers to deeply connect with the themes of courage and self-reflection, creating a profound, emotive experience.

As a brand identity design firm head, how do you balance personal and professional creative work?

Navigating between brand identity design and personal artistry involves a delicate balance, keeping client needs distinct from personal artistic expression. While brand design demands market alignment, personal art offers a sanctuary for exploring minimalism and emotive expression.

What would it mean to have your art recognized by prestigious institutions like Christie’s and Sotheby’s?

Recognition by institutions like Christie’s and Sotheby’s signifies a validation of the artist’s journey and a platform to share a message of simplicity and liberation on a global scale. It represents an aspiration to influence the artistic landscape towards mindfulness and minimalistic beauty.

How do you view NFTs and blockchain in shaping art’s future?

NFTs and blockchain are seen as revolutionary forces in the art world, providing security, ownership, and a sustainable career path for artists. This digital shift promises a new value paradigm for art, transcending traditional limitations.

Can you share insights into your exploration of on-chain art and Ordinals technology?

Delving into on-chain art and Ordinals technology represents a blend of artistic and technological exploration. Projects like the ‘Nirvana’ collection showcase the potential of integrating art with blockchain innovations, opening new creative avenues.

What do you hope viewers take away from your art?

The artist aims to inspire viewers to find strength and serenity in solitude, promoting a perspective where solitude is seen as an opportunity for growth and liberation, encouraging detachment from worldly distractions.

What are your future plans or projects in the NFT space?

The artist plans to deepen the integration of art and technology, exploring advanced methods in ordinal art and expanding into traditional mediums, thereby enriching the artistic narrative in both digital and physical realms.

What advice would you give to new artists in the NFT art space?

Emerging artists should stay authentic, explore creatively, and embrace the digital realm’s freedom. Perseverance and a unique artistic voice are crucial to carving out a niche in the vibrant NFT world.

How important is establishing a strong digital presence for NFT artists, and what strategies would you recommend?

A strong digital presence is essential for NFT artists, with community engagement and consistent online activity being key. Authenticity and collaboration foster a supportive environment crucial for growth and learning in the NFT community.

How should newcomers decide where to mint and sell their NFT art?

Newcomers should consider platforms that align with their artistic goals and offer supportive communities, like Foundation and HUG.XYZ. Exploring technology-specific platforms can also provide unique opportunities and growth.

How can new artists balance their vision with market trends in the NFT space?

Balancing artistic integrity with market trends involves staying true to one’s values while being open to evolving market dynamics. Embracing change intentionally allows artists to remain authentic while navigating the NFT space.

TL;DR: From engineering to art, this interview explores the journey of a rising NFT artist who finds solace and expression in minimalism and solitude. The discussion delves into the influence of digital tools, the impact of NFTs on art, and the balance between personal creativity and market trends, offering insights for both established and emerging artists in the digital art sphere.


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