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DeGods Ends Points System in y00ts and DeGods: A New Strategy Unfolds


Frank DeGods recently announced the termination of the points system across y00ts and DeGods. The discontinuation is rooted in recognizing that the system is not viable for supporting future developments in a constantly evolving digital landscape.

The Points Parlor Initiative

According to the announcement, the Points Parlor initiative envisioned to award value through sponsorships, needed to be revised. Its fundamental shortcoming lay in its dependence on a luck-based reward system, which brewed dissatisfaction among the community members.

Despite the termination of Points Parlor, Frank DeGods maintains an optimistic outlook. He expressed openness to sustainable alternatives that could provide a workable solution for the longevity and prosperity of the communities.

The declaration was accompanied by a commitment to boost the economy surrounding the $DUST token, aiming to increase engagement in both Web 2 and Web 3 areas. Despite its present modest trading performance, DeGods maintains confidence in the potential of $DUST.

The Road Ahead

The y00ts platform is poised for an overhaul with the introduction of new artwork focusing on distinct design parameters. Frank DeGods is expected to provide further information on this in the future.

In what seems like a parting homage to the points system, Frank DeGods is organizing an event named ‘The Last Dance’. This event offers participants the opportunity to win a y00t at intervals of every 10 minutes, culminating in a grand total of 100 y00ts as prizes.


The sudden discontinuation of the points system in y00ts and DeGods, though initially disruptive, is expected to yield substantial long-term benefits for the community. This decisive action by Frank DeGods marks a pivotal shift towards a growth-oriented approach.

By focusing on the development of the $DUST economy and the artistic revamp of the y00ts platform, DeGods is not only addressing current challenges but also laying a solid foundation for future innovation.

This strategic redirection, encapsulated in initiatives like ‘The Last Dance’, is designed to foster a new era of prosperity and creativity, nurturing a more robust and engaged community. In essence, this move by DeGods could very well redefine the trajectory of his ventures, positioning them at the forefront of digital evolution and community engagement.

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