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Palm Foundation Announces $45,000 Grant for Artists Featuring at Patio by ZsONAMACO


The Palm Foundation, dedicated to fostering creative initiatives on the Palm Network, has recently unveiled a substantial grant for artists worth $45,000. The grant will be shared between distinguished artists chosen by the Patio curatorial committee to exhibit at Patio by ZsONAMACO. This outdoor exhibition takes place during the Art Baja California art fair, set for March 7-8, 2024, in San Jose, Baja California. 

The event is hosted by ZsONAMACO, a leading art fair platform in Latin America, and will showcase various outdoor art installations and sculptures. Set in a truly stunning location, this exhibition attracts thousands of visitors and numerous exhibitors from all over the globe.

Fostering Creativity in Digital and Physical Art

The grant from the Palm Foundation empowers artists to craft large-scale physical artworks, ensuring their prominence at the event. Additionally, it aims to elevate Patio-curated artists by introducing their creations to the digital world. To do this, each grant recipient is required to mint 3 to 5 NFTs that reflect their physical artwork for the Patio by ZsONAMACO exhibit.

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Furthermore, artists receiving the grant will benefit from technical support offered by the Palm Foundation, aiding them in crafting and minting the NFTs that complement their physical artworks. These digital creations will be issued on the Palm Network, a blockchain ecosystem devoted to creators and creativity. Notably, artists retain all intellectual and commercial rights to their work and will also have a choice of commercial platforms if they want to sell their NFTs.

The Palm Foundation’s Commitment to Artist Visibility

As a non-profit organization, The Palm Foundation is fully committed to boosting the profile of its talented artists. They encourage artists to submit one of their minted NFTs for a Palm DAO community vote, with the most popular artists receiving an additional $1,000 grant. With this, the Palm Foundation continues its mission to amplify the voices of artists and developers as they strive to empower these creative talents.

Moreover, this grant program is part of a broader initiative by the Palm Foundation, which includes similar programs for artist residencies in Mexico City and Berlin, offering artists a chance to grow professionally and expand their digital presence.

The Palm Foundation’s $45,000 grant offers artists at Patio by ZsONAMACO a fantastic opportunity to showcase their talents on a large scale and step into the ever-evolving world of NFTs. This initiative, bridging traditional physical exhibitions with digital platforms, marks a forward-thinking approach needed for art in the digital age. Moreover, it gives artists the essential tools and freedom to explore new dimensions of creativity and gain broader exposure.

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