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Moonbirds Saga Continues: PROOF’s 200-Day Mythics NFT Release


From the creators of the popular Moonbirds PFP collection, a new generative series of mythical birds is taking flight. The team at PROOF presents the Mythics project, crafting a unique minting experience that guides their avid community on an explorative journey into the Moonbirds universe.

Funding the Mythics Project and the Path to Ownership

The Mythics project was first unveiled in August 2022, coinciding with a $50 million Series A funding round led by venture capital heavyweight Andreessen Horowitz. The Mythics collection introduces 20,000 profile picture NFTs founded on the lore of the Moonbirds. As a refresher, Moonbirds is a collection of 10,000 owl NFTs, generating close to a staggering $650 million in NFT trading volume.

To secure a Moonbirds Mythic, holders of Oddities can choose to burn their NFT in exchange for a Mythic. On the other hand, Moonbirds holders must nest their Moonbird to obtain a Mythic. Both nested Moonbirds and burnt Oddities offer equal chances at procuring rare Mythics.

The process will see 50 claimed eggs selected at random daily for “activation”, along with 50 Oddities selected for burning. Over a span of at least 200 days, a maximum of 100 Mythics will be released each day via this mechanism.

Expanding Storytelling and Unlocking Opportunities

With the launch of the Mythics collection, PROOF aims to offer their community an innovative experience that integrates the broader Proof ecosystem and amplifies the narrative begun with Moonbirds.

Kevin Rose, the co-founder and CEO of Proof, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, saying, “With Mythics, we’re really trying to give our community a new experience that links together the Proof ecosystem and expands the storytelling that started with Moonbirds. I’m so proud of how hard our teams have been working on this launch, with the goal of expanding Moonbirds’ storytelling both through art and technology.”

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Holding a Mythics NFT isn’t just a token of ownership; it also opens doors to various opportunities. Mythics NFT holders are granted full commercial rights to their artwork, enabling them to leverage the character’s intellectual property. Further perks include limited access to future PROOF releases, exclusive invitations to digital and physical events, and opportunities to view exclusive art installations. The Mythics project, therefore, is set to immerse the PROOF community in a profound and multi-faceted experience that combines innovative technology with rich storytelling.

Final Thoughts

In the fast-paced and dynamic world of NFTs, the community is always on the lookout for engaging and rewarding projects. The launch of the Mythics project by PROOF seems to tick both boxes, offering a unique blend of technological innovation and a compelling narrative. Through a unique system of burning Oddities and nesting Moonbirds, holders can potentially obtain Mythics, thereby broadening the collection’s universe. Not only does this 200-day release scheme promise excitement and suspense, but the provision of full commercial rights and privileged access to future PROOF releases for Mythics holders signals a commitment to rewarding community engagement.

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