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Sorare 2023-24: New Gameplay Formats & Experiences


Sorare, a platform at the intersection of digital trading cards and fantasy football, is kicking off its 2023–24 season with a suite of innovative features. At the core of the season’s updates lies the addition of two new competition gameplay loops, aiming to elevate the spirit of competition and football passion among Sorare players.

The new season will introduce long-format competitions to the Sorare ecosystem, beginning with Global All-Star. This inclusion of long-format leaderboards augments the existing competitions and infuses special weeklies later in the season. From September onwards, Sorare Managers participating in Global All-Star competitions will have two leaderboards to compete on short and long formats. Notably, the long-format leaderboard extends across eight Game Weeks, with a manager’s top-four scores contributing to their final leaderboard score.

In February, Sorare joined forces with the Football Association (FA) in an agreement valued at $30 million. This high-profile collaboration facilitated the Paris-headquartered Web3 firm’s release of official playing cards for all 20 English Premier League clubs into its NFT assortment.

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Rewards and the Introduction of ‘Kick-Off’ Game Mode

However, it’s not all about scores. Sorare is also incentivizing participation by adjusting the reward structure for both long and short-format competitions. While the long-format competition may offer fewer rewards, top performers can look forward to epic prizes. Details about card rewards, including podium finishers’ rewards, will be unveiled before the first long-format competition. For those who reach the top, VIP tickets and experience rewards beckon, offering a rich and rewarding experience.

Further enhancing the platform’s social and competitive elements, Sorare is introducing a new “Kick-Off” game mode. This feature, designed for mobile-first experiences, allows managers to engage in quick, social football-based games, even facilitating friendly rivalries with head-to-head matches and daily leaderboards with promotion and relegation. This exciting addition promises to be an instant hit among seasoned and new Sorare Managers.

Taking Ownership to the Next Level: Club Facilities

Come September 2023, Sorare Managers will see a change in their daily club management duties, courtesy of the new Club Facilities feature. A milestone in the platform’s evolution, Club Facilities empowers managers to establish their club legacy, build their stadium, manage their squad, staff, and shape their club identity.

The initial rollout includes two facility centers, Physio and Training, allowing managers to manage card bonuses. Sorare has plans to augment these offerings with more facilities soon, offering a taste of proper football management to its dedicated player base.

Enhanced Control and 3D Cards

In tandem with the new features, the 2023-24 season ushers in an updated card bonus model. The aim is to give managers more strategic control, enabling them to construct winning strategies with finesse.

But it’s not just about strategic control. Sorare is going the extra mile to enhance the user experience and deepen the connection between the managers and their cards. For the first time in Sorare history, the platform is launching 3D Sorare cards. The 2023–24 season cards showcase the platform’s most ambitious designs yet, with a 3D component that allows managers to rotate their cards by moving their screen, bringing them closer to their cards than ever before.

This landmark update promises a new dimension of immersive experience for Sorare managers, offering a pioneering blend of digital trading, fantasy football, and state-of-the-art 3D visualization.

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