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Jim Carrey Auctions ‘Goon in Moonlight’ NFT on SuperRare


Comedian Jim Carrey releases his second NFT artwork on SuperRare. The piece titled ‘Goon in the Moonlight’ is on auction until Thursday, with a reserve price of $50,000 or 29-30 Ethereum.

Carrey partnered with his daughter, Jane Carrey, for the release of Goon in Moonlight, multimedia NFT. The digital art, which was produced in collaboration with Big Head Club, highlights Jim Carrey’s talents as a painter, writer, and in digital animation. The actor’s daughter adds some hauntingly ethereal background vocals to the NFT.

Second NFT
Courtesy SuperRare

Some of the proceeds from selling the digital artwork will go to José Andrés, World Central Kitchen, a charity set up to feed victims of natural disasters with help.

Goon in the Moonlight reflects on lost loves. Jim Carrey stated after minting the NFT on Monday, “In the unavoidable romance of moonlight, the Goon is doomed to recoil from memories of lost loves and the agony of regret that can transform any one of us into something loathsome in our own mind,”

SuperRare announced the drop via a tweet on Tuesday with John Crain, SuperRare co-founder and CEO stating “We are beyond excited about Jim Carrey’s second drop on SuperRare,”. He went on further regarding Jim Carrey, the artist, “As a visionary artist and performer, it’s incredible to see the evolution of his artistic career.”

Jim Carrey

The Canadian-born actor should need no introductions and is a household name for his comedy characters in such comedy classics as Dumb and Dumber, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and The Truman Show.

However, Jim Carrey also has quite a reputation in the fine art world. Over the last decade, he has exhibited his art to much acclaim from critics and artists. More recently, he has courted controversy in some quarters for his politically explosive paintings and drawings of Trump and his cronies.

With, the hype around NFT art, it was obvious the star would jump into the NFT art scene.

In June, he tweeted, “I’ve been both blessed and cursed in this life with a vivid imagination and a burning desire to share my peculiarities and inspirations with you. This little mood enhancer is called Sunshower. I hope this NFT does for you what it did for me…

The First Jim Carrey NFT Sunshower

The Goon in Moonlight is the follow-up to his first digital art drop in June, Sunshower NFT. Carrey created the artwork in partnership with director David Bushell. It is based on his painting. The first art NFT had 21 bids at auction and sold for $105,000 to a South Korean animator and director living in New York.

A percentage of the first NFT sale’s proceeds were donated to Feeding America, a charity with over 200 Food Kitchens across America.


Jim Carrey’s second NFT seems more retrospective than the first non-fungible token he released. It will be interesting to see the final auction price. You can put in a bid on SuperRare.

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