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Airdrop Alert – Voxels Sends Forth its Almighty $FOLK Token


Following a few minor delays and the stabilization of the entire crypto market, the mighty Voxels has finally completed its epic $FOLK airdrop. Now, those interacting with its tied social media application, Yo Folk, can reward active contributors with the inbuilt tipping function. Or alternatively, greedy types can just go full degen and cash it out to buy cigarettes, whatever floats their boat.

All in all, around 12k members of the Voxels community qualified for the incredible drop, essentially rewarding anyone playing an active role in its metaverse prior to the snapshot taken on May 19. As a result, landowners received 32 $FOLK per parcel linked to their wallet, while anyone making a worthy contribution to the ecosystem received 4 $FOLK. This includes, donning in-game wearables, contributing to an existing parcel and anyone who has taken a ‘womp’.

For its grand distribution of eggy-themed tokens, Voxels went entirely old school. As a result, no signing up, redeeming, or following of hyperlinks occurred, just a good old-fashioned airdrop into qualifying wallets. So, head over to the Polygon network on MetaMask and go check out that juicy balance.

The prime utility for these grand new tokens will enable users of the Yo Folk application to tip fellow members of the community. To get involved, just navigate to a post you found particularly informative and engage with the egg emblazoned ‘tip’ button. Then sit back in smug contemplation of the recipient’s joy at the arrival of the generous gift.

Check out Yo Folk >> Here

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