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The Sandbox Alpha Season 2



  • Alpha Season 2 has 35+ experiences in total, that are available to everyone with a free TSB account (sign up now if it’s not already done)!
  • This includes 18 upgraded experiences originally introduced in Alpha Season 1 + 5 new original experiences + 4 new user-built GameMakerFundexperiences + 3 new IP experiences, and 1brand new transportation HUB.
  • You can now access the game on both PC and Mac!
  • 200 Quests are available to complete and get a chance to earn the Season 2 Alpha Pass.
  • More Alpha Passes available and more ways to earn $SAND
  • In short, Season 2 is bigger, better, longer, and open to all players for free! Are you ready? We sure are!

Blond:ish To Set The Records Straight

A Closer Look at the Alpha Season 2 Content

3 new IP experiences:

  • Snoop Dogg’s Foreplay: A sneak peek at the rap legend’s Snoopverse. Snoop is showing his NFT collection, and you’re invited! Well, sort of… Go from nobody to VIP by helping guests and making friends with Doberguards.
  • Hong Kong’s Star Ferry Pier: A time-traveling tour of the city’s famous pier brought to life by the South China Morning Post’s historic archives.
  • Missing Parts by Celsius Online: A cup of tea at the Veranda, a romantic ride on an adorable Duck Boat, a walk through the flower garden, and making a wish at the fountain! The romantic getaway of your dreams starts here at Etheria in this multiplayer experience!

4 Experiences from the Game Maker Fund:

  • Dracula’s Castle: A dark adventure to save a cursed world awaits… Do you have the courage to face the evil Count Dracula and his army of monsters? Will you save the village and bring peace to the land?
  • Meta Dungeon: A hack and slash RTFKT adventure. Survive giant bosses in underground dungeons and explore a cybercity to understand what’s going on and who you really are!
  • The Funguys Kingdom: A first look into the lives of the Funguys. Challenge your friends in this multiplayer experience and explore 10 biomes to discover the hidden secrets of the mushroom alcove.
  • Border Town of Tang Dynasty: A demon’s evil power has spread through a peaceful town in the Tang Dynasty. Soon, it will destroy the rest of the country, unless you save everyone!

More Fun Things To Be Aware Of:

  • Blond:ish will be our main act and the DJ residing in Club XYZ experience — she will rock your world. There are two new extended dance tracks from Blond:ish you can get down to in the club.
  • Snoop Dogg “Doggy” Avatars will be playable later in the Alpha — their lucky owners can show off some of the sharpest avatars around!
  • Rooftop à la Mode: A new Multiplayer fashion-oriented experience. Tired after a long day of NFT shopping? How about a rooftop party with The Sandbox’s in-crowd? Here the sun never sets. Enjoy the Haute Couture show and make new friends ’till your heart pops.
  1. By playing Alpha Season 2 and entering the Raffle:
  • Earn Raffle Tickets by completing quests in the experiences and leveling up during Season 2.
  • The more Raffle Tickets you have, the more chances you have to win a S2 Alpha Pass during the Raffle.
  • The Raffle will take place on March 31 at the end of Alpha Season 2, and the winners will be notified by email.
  • Learn more about the Raffle here.
  • Get a chance to win a S2 Alpha Pass by participating in our Social Contests, from March 3 until March 23. Social daily contests activities will be available every weekday like in Season 1, and this time players can participate directly on The Sandbox website!
  • One new activity + tweet to complete every weekday.
  • Winners are randomly selected once a week to win a S2 Alpha Pass.
  • Get more chances to win by completing all the activities!
  • There might be S2 Alpha Pass Holders that decide to sell it on OpenSea. (I know, crazy right?) So this will be the only way you can purchase one. Here’s the link to the official collection of Season 2 Alpha Passes. Keep an eye out and good luck!

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