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Polkadomain February Development Update – NFT News Today


This post was originally published on Polkadomain

Since last months update, Polka.Domain has progressed in development and we would like to like you on the progress. We continue working hard to develop a Polkadot based domain name service.

  • Updated dependencies to polkadot-v0.9.15 and upgrade the rust toolchain.
  • Some minor fixes, including the amount of water dripping from the faucet, optimizing the wasm generation at runtime
  • Benchmark automation scripts
  • Researching on how to use assets on the parachain Statemint

As always our source code can be found on https://github.com/polka-domain

Polka.Domain is the interoperable and decentralized blockchain naming service with an integrated domain and NFT marketplace built on Polkadot.

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