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Time for NFT Paris has arrived


This post was originally published on Cometh

On Jan 22nd, Cometh Founder is speaking about the future of Web3

On January 22nd, Paris is joining the list of cities to host yet another amazing NFT event: NFT Paris. Since Paris is the home of Cometh, we could not be more excited to support this unique NFT-dedicated event with sponsorship and attendance! ☄️

Jérôme de Tychey, Cometh’s Founder, will be speaking on the main stage on the topic “Play2Earn & Metaverse, what’s next?” starting at 2.15 pm CET. He will be joined by S.Borget from The Sandbox, M. Stöcki from the Dogami and B.Cessac from the Screenshot. The session will be moderated by technology reporter from LePoint media outlet, Guillaume Grallet.

Besides Jérôme’s speaking slot, Cometh team will take part in the startup pitch, presenting the Cometh Battle mechanics, NFT aspect of the Cometh Beyond, and unique opportunity for Web3 players to earn while playing. Briefly put, the team will demonstrate the decentralized Cometh ecosystem and game modes for the first time since the game was launched to the limited audience. Btw, space apes, do not forget to waitlist for early access ☄️

The whole agenda is available here:

Besides the main agenda, the event will hold many side events, parties, and hackathons. Some of them are: African NFT Hack in Paris, Metaverse Party, Crypto Comedy Club, NFT Breakfast, and more. The majority of events will be live-streamed from NFT Paris social accounts.

Exciting, right?

Here’s what we are preparing:

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About the event:

NFT Paris is bringing together some of the biggest names of the Web3 industry, with an aim to democratize the understanding and access to the world of NFTs. The NFT Paris event will host 500 participants at Station F — a 900m2 venue known as the heart of innovation in France, where some of the top NFT pioneers, as well as startups, will gather to share knowledge and celebrate digital assets.

NFT Paris has confirmed 40 incredible crypto artists and 30 leaders of the NFT industry who will be speaking during the event. Besides Cometh’s Founder Jerome de Tychey, the most prominent market players to attend and speak at the event include Sebastien (The Sandbox), S.A.M. (BlackPool), Yat (Animoca Brands), and Yam (World of Women), Tezos, Rarible, and many more. Moreover, the event will bring digital artists such as Nahiko and Brendan Dawes.

More info:

Follow the updates & live streams:

Cometh is a DeFi powered game with yield generating NFT. Cometh innovates by leveraging the unique features of the blockchain to foster entertainment and to propose the best gateway to Decentralized Finance.

☄️ Whitelist for the ComethBattle BETA:

☄️ Follow the updates & BETA Demo:

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