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The Sandbox & LootMogul Partnership


LootMogul is an influencer-led crypto, NFT, and gaming startup based in Santa Monica, CA. Founders and executives of LootMogul bring tremendous network and experience from working at Riot Games, Warner Bros, Microsoft, Sachar Gaming (Lottery, Rummy, Poker, Fantasy, Casual Games, Sports Betting, Casino), etc. LootMogul has completed three rounds of funding through prominent angels and early-stage venture investors.

LootMogul is empowering influencers with their personalized game contests, their meta avatars, and exclusive content (tradable NFTs) for their fans. World-wide fans play LIVE with the influencers or their Meta Avatar to earn exclusive NFTs & Crytpo tokens.

LootMogul’s premier game is a real-time battle-style sports trivia, led by NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, UFC, MLS athletes, and some other categories like Poker, General Trivia. For example, NBA stars like Mario Chalmers run personalized trivia contests (https://lootmogul.me/mario) and winners are awarded 2 Million SHIB coins and/or exclusive NFTs (https://lootmogul.me/marionft1). Famous NBA star, Carlos Boozer, will also be part of the SAND tournament.

LootMogul’s upcoming (Q1 2022) game releases include Basketball 3 on 3 (BIG 3 — Ice Cube), Golf, Football Rush, Soccer Goal, Baseball Homerun, and Chess.

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