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NFT Market Faces 16% Decline, Sales Total $122 Million


The NFT market experienced a downturn this week. Sales dropped by nearly 16%, reflecting a notable decline. Sales in the market increased by 17% last week. This makes the recent drop even more striking in contrast. Total sales reached $121.7 million by CryptoSlam. Over 519,000 traders were actively trading, showing continued high levels of engagement.

Ethereum Leads the Way

The Ethereum network saw $39.28 million in sales. This showed an increase of 14.48% from the week before. The amount of active traders on the Ethereum NFT increased. The number rose by almost 48% to 23,586. Additionally, wash trading increased on the network almost $34 million, up 35.49%.

Ethereum Leads the Way

Source: CryptoSlam

Bitcoin fell to the second position in network sales this week. Sales hit about $26.5 million, a 45.60% decrease from the previous week. Despite the drop in sales, Bitcoin had over 18,000 active traders. Compared to last week, this was an 804% rise. The Bitcoin network saw a roughly 53% decline in wash trade settled at $20,030.

With weekly sales of $18.43 million, Polygon experienced a 5.5% decline in revenue. After sales increased by 22% the week before, this occurred. After an 18.18% decline in revenue to $14.631 million, Solana maintained its fourth-place position. Sales of Immutable X surged 9.40%, making it a standout product. Despite the overall decline in the NFT sector, this growth suggests that the platform is on the right track.

The Ethereum blockchain had the largest NFT sale of the week, with a $587,194 NFT sale. Protoshroom #6, the Bitcoin Ordinal, brought $237,373 at auction, while Polygon TTAvatars #128003 brought $100,500. Ape Treasury Bill V2 V3 #12668, a BNB NFT, sold for $31,516; Solana’s DeezNode #052 sold for $77,839, surpassing that amount.

Top NFT Collections

During the last seven days, Immutable’s Guild of Guardians avatars generated the most revenue with 1,614 transactions totaling over $8.1 million. Following $7.3 million in revenue, Bitcoin’s PIZZA NFTs had a sharp 60% drop from the week before. 

Top NFT Collections

Source: CryptoSlam

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) was included in the list of the top 5 collections based on number of sales. After selling $5.3 million of NFTs, ENS took third place. Merely 295 people supplied the funds, signifying a remarkable 1022 percent rise.

From around 190,000 purchases, the DMarket collection on Mythos generated $4.6 million in revenue. With sales of roughly $2.7 million, Bitcoin Puppets on the Bitcoin network took fifth place. The wide range of successful collections demonstrates the varied investment styles and levels of interest present in the NFT market.

The overall drop in NFT sales suggests a cooling period for the market. However, the increased activity in certain networks like Ethereum and Immutable X shows there are still areas of growth. The significant rise in active buyers on the Ethereum network indicates a sustained interest in NFTs despite the overall sales decline.

Final Thoughts

This week’s NFT market performance shows a mix of ups and downs. While Ethereum and some networks saw positive growth, the overall market faced a decline. High-value sales and new entrants in the top collections indicate that interest in NFTs remains strong, even as market dynamics fluctuate.

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