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Web3 MMO Blocklords Dynasty Debuts on Base Blockchain


What is Blocklords?

Blocklords is an MMO strategy game where player decisions shape the game world and its narrative. It offers various playstyles, including farming, combat, resource management, and leadership.

In the game, players begin by creating a Banner for their House, making strategic decisions to expand their Dynasty. Heroes participate in marriages, duels, and missions to earn rewards.

New players start with a free Hero, The Jester, with additional Heroes available for purchase or import from the main game.

What features will the new expansion include?

The expansion features play-to-earn mechanics, where players earn resources and Renown through Duels and Missions.

Renown, the in-game currency, is used for leveling up Houses, researching Traditions, and embarking on new quests. The game also uses $LRDS, an on-chain token for purchasing in-game items and participating in governance.

New systems such as House Levels and Traditions were also introduced to add depth to the gameplay. House Levels indicate a House’s growth and unlock new capabilities, while Traditions enhance Heroes’ abilities.

Players earn resources through Duels, Missions, and events like the Royal Orb event, which become accessible as Houses are upgraded. Additionally, players can also participate in the Gamedrop 3 airdrop event to earn $LRDS tokens by collecting and and merging Orbs.

Future updates will introduce features like marriage, allowing players to marry Heroes, form alliances, and produce heirs, which will be important for securing succession and continuity. For more information, visit the official website or follow Blocklords on X.

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