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Medieval Strategy Game Blocklords Dynasty has officially launched on the Base network


Experience the immersive world of Blocklords, a medieval grand strategy MMO game where players’ choices and abilities shape the narrative. Embark on your journey as a Hero and choose from a variety of playstyles, including farming, fighting, resource management, and ruling.

And now, with the exciting new addition of Blocklords Dynasty, players can expand their empire and earn rewards in an even more immersive setting. Don’t miss out on the early access version of the main Blocklords game, currently available on the Epic Store.

Starting Your Adventure

In Blocklords Dynasty, players become a House leader and begin by choosing a distinctive Banner to represent their House. Making strategic choices is imperative in order to grow one’s Dynasty. Heroes are pivotal in this process, taking part in marriages, duels, and missions to gain rewards.

To start their adventure, new players are given The Jester as a free Hero, while more Heroes can be purchased or imported from the main Blocklords game.

Key Features and Mechanics

Blocklords Dynasty offers a variety of P2E mechanics, allowing players to participate in engaging Duels and Missions to earn resources and Renown. This in-game currency is used for multiple purposes, such as leveling up Houses, researching Traditions, and embarking on exciting new adventures.

In addition, the game features $LRDS tokens that grant access to purchasing in-game items, gaining influence, and participating in important governance decisions. Moreover, the Mausoleum is a unique aspect of the game where fallen Heroes continue to generate daily Renown.

An impressive aspect of Blocklords Dynasty is its smooth incorporation into the original Blocklords game. This allows players to transfer Heroes and utilize their resources, ensuring a seamless flow and building upon previous achievements. The game also introduces innovative elements like House Levels and Traditions. House Levels indicate a House’s progression and unlock additional abilities, while Traditions improve Heroes’ abilities in Duels and Missions.

Duels, Missions, and Special Events

Gaining resources is a key aspect of Blocklords Dynasty, accomplished through various means such as Duels, Missions, and special events like the Royal Orb event. As players level up their Houses, they unlock these events. Moreover, Gamedrop 3, an airdrop event, actively involves the community by distributing $LRDS tokens through the gathering and merging of Orbs.

One of the most eagerly awaited additions to the game is the marriage system. Through this feature, players will have the chance to wed their Heroes, form alliances, and produce offspring. This crucial strategic tool plays a vital role in securing succession and ensuring the Dynasty’s ongoing prosperity, making it an indispensable asset for achieving long-term success.

Getting Started in Blocklords Dynasty

To begin their adventure, players must first establish a House by designing its Banner with options for shape, symbol, color, and name. They will also need an Invite Code from the main Blocklords game to continue. Once their House is formed, players can begin participating in Missions and Duels.

The tutorial missions in Blocklords Dynasty cover all the necessary steps for new players to establish a House, complete Missions, participate in Duels, and restore their Heroes. These missions are designed to be efficient and easy-to-follow, preparing players for the more challenging aspects of the game.

Final Thoughts

Blocklords Dynasty is a major step forward for MetaKing Studios, introducing NFTs, $LRDS tokens, and multiple new elements to provide a satisfying gameplay for all players. This expansion elevates the intricacy and strategic aspects of the game, inviting players to fully immerse themselves in a vast medieval realm.

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