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Enjin Blockchain Powers George Murphy’s Tokenized Vinyl Records


Enjin, together with George Murphy and The Rising Sons, has announced a new venture focused on revolutionizing the music landscape through tokenized vinyl records. By merging the timeless appeal of traditional vinyl with modern digital experiences, this project aims to impact the millions of artists and listeners who purchased 50 million vinyl records in 2023.

The Enjin Ecosystem and Tokenized Vinyl

George Murphy, a triple platinum-selling music artist and Irish songwriter, has joined the Enjin Ecosystem to deliver a vinyl record packed with a digital experience. This project highlights the power of facilitating digital ownership of real-world assets (RWAs), which symbolize specific physical assets through tokens.

The vinyl project represents a partnership among three key participants in the Enjin Ecosystem. George Murphy and The Rising Sons created the music and intellectual property on the vinyl. The New York Culture Club (NYCC), known for its innovative fashion tech and immersive digital experiences, contributed by embedding NFC chips into items.

The Squirrel, an NFT comic created focused on hand-drawn art without Artificial Intelligence, complements the music project and will be creating the NFTs for the vinyl.

How the Tokenized Vinyl Works

The vinyl record will feature unique artwork and include studio songs by George Murphy and The Rising Sons on side A, with live tracks on side B. Owners can tap their NFC-enabled phones on the vinyl to verify ownership and unlock a tokenized asset.

This action triggers an Enjin NFT certificate of authenticity, held on Each vinyl comes with its own unique artwork, and only 200 vinyls and their corresponding RWAs will be produced, making this a limited and exclusive opportunity.

While many platforms have revolutionized music distribution, they often limit how artists interact with their fans, controlling presentation and monetization. RWAs enable artists to bypass these limitations by directly connecting with their listeners. An RWA can encapsulate music and a whole spectrum of fan experiences.

George Murphy and The Rising Sons are exploring innovative ways to deepen connections with their audience using RWAs. These digital tokens offer more than just proof of ownership; they serve as keys to unique fan experiences. “Getting closer to our audience through an NFT, whether it offers proof of ownership of a tune, concert ticket, special sneak peeks, messaging, live digital concerts, or all those things, are all ideas we are thinking of,” said George Murphy.

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