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The Beacon Launches ‘The New Frontiers’ Quest Ahead of NFT Mint


The Beacon, a free-to-play action RPG, has recently kicked off its two-week long play-to-airdrop and play-to-whitelist campaign, The New Frontiers Quest.

This event precedes the upcoming Writ of Passage NFT Mint and the global debut of the game.

By completing quests and accumulating Prestige Points, players will get a chance to secure a whitelist spot for the NFT Mint event, providing early access to The Beacon’s ecosystem.

The Beacon's The New Frontiers Quest
Source: The Beacon

What is The Beacon?

Currently in development, The Beacon is an upcoming free-to-play web3 game that combines the elements of action RPGs with roguelite mechanics, set in a dynamic fantasy world where players explore procedurally generated dungeons and permadeath features.

Each dungeon run is unique, presenting players with challenges that test their timing, reflexes, and strategic thinking.

The game offers multiple modes of play: a Roguelite Single Player PvE where players embark on dungeon runs, aiming to survive and earn valuable NFT loot; a Roguelite Co-op PvE where players can team up in parties to tackle dungeons together; a Housing System allowing players to customize and decorate their houses with various decor items; and a Social Hangout where players can socialize and interact in real-time in venues.

Understanding The New Frontiers Quest

The New Frontiers Quest serves as a progression system integrating web app interactions and game demos.

Players earn Prestige Points by completing quests and referrals for a spot in the whitelist for the Writ of Passage NFT. In addition, participants can earn Medallions which represents future token allocations and $ARB tokens during the event.

Phase 1 runs from June 10 – June 30 and is open to all players, featuring demo content and social activities. While Phase 2 and 3, are reserved for Writ of Passage NFT holders and is set to introduce new content, quests, and rewards.

For more information on the game and NFT minting schedule, follow The Beacon on X.

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