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Roadstead Presents NFT Rentals for Horror Movie ‘Chime’


Kiyoshi Kurosawa, known for his mind-bending films like ‘Cure’ and ‘Pulse’, has released his latest horror movie edition ‘Chime’, which incorporates an intriguing NFT element.

Acclaimed as a standout horror experience, Chime presents a distinct challenge in the movie arena—it’s currently only available for rent through a Japanese digital video trading platform called, which utilizes NFT technology.

roadstead nft movie

Roadstead and NFTs: A New Way to Watch Movies?

Instead of users trading digital art, they can purchase and rent limited copies of movies through Roadstead, which functions similarly to a digital video store. 

Currently, the only Roadstead NFT movie is Chime, which is available for renting when creating an account and clicking on the film’s rental page.

The rental process is straightforward: select a movie, opt for a one-day rental at $4.50 or a week-long rental for $10, and pay in yen.

Exploring the Chime Movie

In Chime, the audience follows Matsuoka, a former chef who reluctantly becomes a cooking instructor. As one of his students starts exhibiting violent behavior triggered by a mysterious sound, chaos erupts and spreads rapidly.

Known for his knack for creating tension, Kiyoshi Kurosawa infuses even ordinary scenes with suspense. The film’s brilliance shines through its sound design: although the titular “chime” remains unheard, its eerie presence is felt through recurring musical cues, heightening every noise.

As viewers dive into the unsettling world of Chime, they not only encounter Kurosawa’s signature brand of horror but also explore the novel concept of NFT movie rentals, marking a significant evolution in film distribution.

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