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Grimace NFT Holders Get VIP Access in McDonald’s New Metaverse


McDonald’s has officially entered the metaverse scene in Singapore with the launch of its own digital world named “My Happy Place” accessible through the McDonald’s app in collaboration with Bandwagon Labs. This virtual realm offers a unique experience to users, particularly those who own Grimace NFTs released in 2023.

Exclusive Perks for Grimace NFT Holders

The launch of “My Happy Place” brings special privileges to Grimace NFT holders. These individuals can enjoy exclusive features within the digital environment, including unlocking unique wearable items, exploring hidden areas, and showcasing Grimace portraits in designated locations.

In this 3D online space, users can engage in various activities such as playing games like Build-A-Burger, conceptualizing future McDonald’s restaurant designs, and participating in daily contests through the Wheel of Deals feature. Participants stand a chance to win real-life food deals and prizes, enhancing their overall McDonald’s experience.

“My Happy Place” operates on Bandwagon’s proprietary BW.LAND technology, distinguishing it from other metaverse platforms or games. This technology facilitates seamless interaction and engagement within the virtual environment, offering users a smooth and immersive experience.

Statement from McDonald’s Singapore

Drina Chee, Senior Director of Marketing & Digital Customer Experience at McDonald’s Singapore, showed thrills about the launch, emphasizing the opportunity for customers to personalize their avatars with McDonald’s-themed outfits, design virtual restaurants, and receive daily phygital rewards.

This venture marks another collaboration between McDonald’s Singapore and Bandwagon Labs, following their successful partnership in 2023 to release 2,000 Grimace NFTs. Distributed through the McDonald’s app, these NFTs featured randomized designs and were integrated with Polygon to prevent trading after minting.

Statement from McDonald's Singapore

Image: Bandwagon Labs

McDonald’s metaverse presence extends beyond Singapore, with a previous launch in Hong Kong. In 2023, McDonald’s Hong Kong introduced McNuggets Land within the Ethereum metaverse game, The Sandbox. This limited-time experience offered NFT and token rewards to players, further showcasing the brand’s commitment to digital innovation.

Final Thoughts

McDonald’s foray into the metaverse through “My Happy Place” represents a strategic move to engage customers in a digitally immersive environment. With exclusive benefits for Grimace NFT holders and a range of interactive features, this initiative reflects McDonald’s ongoing evolution in the digital landscape.

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