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MetaMask Portfolio Adds HyperPlay Games Directory


MetaMask has joined forces with HyperPlay, a well-known Web3 game store, to transform the world of Web3 gaming. Through this partnership, they have introduced a new games directory into the MetaMask Portfolio, providing users with a convenient way to browse and manage in-game assets. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in improving the Web3 user journey and incorporating blockchain into mainstream gaming.

Known for its ability to store digital assets, MetaMask is also highly regarded for its support of decentralized applications and blockchain transactions. Conversely, HyperPlay focuses on integrating both traditional and blockchain games onto a single platform. The partnership between the two companies was formed with the goal of enhancing the ease of access and compatibility for Web3 games. Originally introduced by Game7 DAO in collaboration with MetaMask, HyperPlay has consistently expanded its features to include compatibility with non-Ethereum blockchains such as Solana and Sui.

New Features and Enhancements

The latest addition to the MetaMask Portfolio, the games directory, greatly improves the user experience by providing easy access to a variety of games directly through the interface. This feature is an expansion of our ongoing partnerships, including the MetaMask wallet overlay and MetaMask Snaps, which have already extended support to non-EVM blockchains. Popular titles such as Shrapnel, The Sandbox, and Square Enix’s Symbiogenesis are now within reach through this directory, seamlessly integrating traditional gaming with blockchain functionality.

Through the incorporation of the games directory into MetaMask Portfolio, users are able to easily discover and manage a variety of blockchain games. From popular platforms like Epic Games, and HyperPlay’s store, all of these options can now be accessed conveniently within MetaMask. This simplified method greatly improves the user experience by acting as a comprehensive hub for game exploration and transactions, utilizing current cryptocurrency assets for effortless purchases.

Impact and Future Growth

The zero-fee structure implemented by HyperPlay has proven advantageous for game developers. In contrast to other platforms like Apple and Steam, which impose substantial charges, HyperPlay guarantees that all profits generated from in-game economies are received directly by developers. This setup enables developers to allocate funds towards continual game development, encouraging creativity and expansion. Furthermore, HyperPlay’s interoperability standard introduces fresh sources of income and potential audiences for developers, ultimately amplifying their prospects within the Web3 industry.

In June 2023, HyperPlay secured $12 million in a Series A financing round, jointly led by Griffin Gaming Partners and Bitkraft Ventures. Consensys and Square Enix also participated in this funding round, reinforcing HyperPlay’s goal of pushing boundaries and broadening its services. To achieve a comprehensive platform for Web3 gamers, this financial support will aid in introducing new ideas and expanding current offerings. Additionally, potential methods of monetization for HyperPlay could include user-friendly options like token exchanges, bridging tools, and crypto on-ramping.

JacobC.eth, the creator of HyperPlay, shared his enthusiasm for the strengthened partnership with MetaMask, highlighting their shared goal of revolutionizing the Web3 gaming landscape. He emphasized their efforts to make gaming more accessible and interoperable for all users. Kai Huang, Senior Product Manager at MetaMask, also stressed the significance of simplifying wallet interactions to increase player adoption and improve user experiences. Together, they view this collaboration as a critical milestone in the advancement of blockchain gaming.

Final Thoughts

The collaboration between MetaMask and HyperPlay is a major achievement in bringing blockchain technology into the world of mainstream gaming. Through the newly added games directory in the MetaMask Portfolio, gamers now have an easy way to find and organize their preferred Web3 titles. This partnership is poised to bring even more advancements and acceptance to the realm of Web3 gaming, making it an exciting exploration for both players and creators. We invite all to discover and take advantage of the groundbreaking possibilities made possible by this integration.

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