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InterCellar NFTs Reimagine Wine Ownership on


A new wave is cresting in the fine wine market. Forget traditional methods – InterCellar, a leading web3 platform, is shaking things up with the introduction of “En Primeur” NFTs on NFT.

Traditionally, InterCellar’s en primeur wines were a privilege reserved for a select few. Wine connoisseurs could buy bottles before they were even bottled, essentially pre-ordering a future vintage.

The Swiss wine company now democratizes fine wine by offering NFTs for sought-after 2023 vintages from prestigious chateaux like Lafite Rothschild and Mouton Rothschild.

InterCellar NFTs
Source: X (InterCellar)

A New World of Fine Wines

The En Premeur NFT drop offers several distinct features. Early access is granted to holders of specific digital assets and past InterCellar buyers, giving them a head start on securing these coveted bottles.

However, the offering is not exclusive. By minting an NFT, anyone can gain ownership of both the digital token and the corresponding physical bottle, which InterCellar securely stores.

For those with an investment focus, the nature of these wines presents a potential opportunity. These young vintages are expected to age well, possibly appreciating over time. While they mature in secure storage, their digital representation on the blockchain allows for easy trading and ownership management.

There are a few key dates to be aware of. While the NFTs can be traded immediately, physical bottle delivery is scheduled for June 1, 2026. To ensure proper storage, fees will begin accruing on that date.

Additionally, those who mint the NFTs need to connect them to by a specific deadline to claim their physical bottle and unlock the promised benefits.

This approach to wine ownership disrupts the traditional en primeur market by leveraging the transparency and security of the blockchain, potentially opening doors for a wider audience.

Check out en primeur NFTs >> Here

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