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Highest Selling Crypto Art to Date


The expansive world of cryptocurrency has witnessed numerous innovations and developments. Among these groundbreaking trends, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have emerged as a transformative force, catapulting onto the global financial main stage in the crypto sector. Their unparalleled attributes have caught the attention of renowned artists, with many being swayed by the allure of metaverses, further cementing the success of various NFTs and their collections.


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The influence of NFTs extends well beyond digital art and collectables. The gambling industry, a sector well-acquainted with Bitcoin betting, is swiftly recognizing the potential of NFTs. Casino games are now evolving to accommodate this digital revolution: they issue NFTs as sought-after prizes, and players can place bets using these tokens as an alternative to traditional cash. Moreover, the strategic accumulation of specific NFTs can grant players access to exclusive gambling bonuses, merging gaming with digital asset collection, with more and more options now hitting the market for online players.

Drawing from this rapid ascension and integration of NFTs into various sectors, let’s look at the highest-selling crypto artworks that have captured global attention and dominated the NFT marketplace.

Merge: The Unprecedented US$91.8M Art Piece

Pak’s digital art masterpiece, Merge, made waves in the art community when it sold for a staggering US$91.8 million on the NFT platform Nifty Gateway in December 2021. This sale made a significant statement in the digital art space, marking it as the highest value fetched by any artwork from a living artist. Yet, the artwork’s status as the most expensive NFT remains debatable, depending on whether Merge is viewed as a single entity.

A distinctive feature of this sale was its dynamic pricing model. Art enthusiasts could initiate their purchase at US$299. Interestingly, the artwork’s price surged by US$25 every six hours during its sale window. By the culmination of the sale, the aggregate tokens had a net worth of US$91.8 million. This massive collection involved 28,983 art collectors acquiring 312,686 units of mass or NFT. Pak.

The First 5000 Days: An Astounding US$69.3M Collage

Crafted by the ingenious Mike ‘Beeple’ Winkelmann, The First 5000 Days is a fascinating collage encapsulating over 5,000 distinct pieces. These pieces, curated daily since May 2007, were spotlighted at the renowned Christie’s Auction digital art house in March 2021.

The artwork not only marked its presence as the fourth priciest artwork sold at Christie’s by a living artist but also found its patron in Vignesh Sundaresan. With his deep-rooted engagement in the NFT sphere via his Metapurse NFT project, this Singapore-based crypto enthusiast made this acquisition.

Clock: The US$52.7M Symbolic Artwork

A collaboration between Julian Assange and Pak resulted in Clock, an NFT designed with a dual purpose. On one hand, it served as an artistic representation of Julian Assange’s incarceration duration.

On the other, its sale aimed to amass funds for Assange’s legal battles, specifically against a looming extradition to the US. Reflecting its profound societal implications, the artwork was acquired by AssangeDAO, a group comprising over 10,000 members, for US$52.7 million.

HUMAN ONE: The ~US$29M Kinetic Marvel

Christie’s 21st Century Art Evening Sale saw another artwork etching its name in the NFT history. HUMAN ONE, fetching nearly US$29 million on 9 November 2021, seamlessly merged the physical and digital realms. Accompanied by a polished aluminum metal sculpture with mahogany frame detailing, this NFT flaunted a video loop of an astronaut navigating diverse landscapes. What made this piece even more captivating was its evolving visuals based on the time of day. Moreover, Beeple intricately embedded clues within the artwork, guiding keen observers towards additional NFTs.

CryptoPunk #5822: The US$23.7M Phenomenon

Among the firsts in the NFT collection space, CryptoPunks have solidified their place as some of the most coveted and pricey NFTs. Originating as free collectibles, with enthusiasts only bearing the gas fee, these unique digital assets have seen exponential growth since their inception in 2017.

Conceptualized by two Canadian software mavens from Larva Labs, CryptoPunks drew inspiration from diverse sources, from the London punk scene to the cyberpunk movement and even electronic dance music maestros like Daft Punk.

Final Thoughts

The digital revolution, spearheaded by NFTs, has redefined the boundaries of art, commerce, and collectables. These record-breaking sales underscore the potential and acceptance of digital artworks and hint at the boundless opportunities in the confluence of art, technology, and finance.



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