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Rarible’s Latest Marketplace For Web2!


In the ever-expanding universe of NFTs, Rarible, a pioneer in the space, is introducing RaribleX—a game-changing turnkey NFT marketplace tailored for innovative web2 brands and web3 developers seeking to amplify digital communities.

Ready for the all new Rarible marketplace experience in 2023 and beyond? Here’s all you need to know about the freshest marketplace on the block!

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RaribleX: The Marketplace Flagship by Rarible 

As NFTs continue to bridge diverse communities and generate billions in trading volume, RaribleX emerges as the catalyst for brands venturing into the NFT realm. Moreover, RaribleX simplifies the journey for creators, developers, and their audiences.

Key Features Making RaribleX Irresistible:

  • Seamless NFT Drops and Launchpad: RaribleX’s launchpad promises an engaging, interactive asset distribution experience. This is a marketplace that supports Open Edition drops, auctions, and unique collection minting mechanics.
  • Deep Liquidity Across Chains: Creators can construct custom marketplaces spanning multiple chains. This further fosters deep liquidity and empowering a robust secondary marketplace.
  • Monetization Mastery: RaribleX empowers brands to monetize effectively, allowing custom fees and royalties enforcement, enhancing revenue streams through the platform.
  • Tailored Brand Experience: With a myriad of design options, RaribleX also ensures a user-friendly, community-forward, and brand-centric interface, providing a unique identity for each marketplace.
  • Effortless Transactions: The marketplace integrates with leading wallets like MetaMask and Coinbase, along with credit card checkout options. This also ensures a smooth user experience during transactions.

RaribleX also builds on Rarible’s mission to make NFT adoption seamless through partnerships with popular IPs like DC Comics and blockchain protocols like Polygon and Flow. “RaribleX is our next step in fostering widespread adoption. It’s a user-focused hub, ensuring brands have the tools they need to introduce standout digital offerings.” said Alexei Falin, Rarible CEO.

Bridging All Of Web2 To NFTs: The Rarible Way

Tailor-made for brands and developers, the marketplace provides web3-native tools to boost engagement and unveil new revenue streams through NFTs. Its battle-tested infrastructure also allows blockchain protocols to turbocharge their NFT ecosystems.

Leveraging Rarible’s secure platform and $RARI token enables a safe NFT marketplace experience without heavy technical investments. It also offers an intuitive interface for both web3 experts and novices. “With years of experience behind it, RaribleX represents the next chapter for NFTs and web3.” said Alex Salnikov, Rarible Co-Founder.

RaribleX is now open for business and inviting brands to embark on their web3 journeys. With millions in NFT trading volume generated for partners like Mattel and Animoca Brands, RaribleX is ready to be the go-to solution for consumer brands entering the NFT space.

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