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OpenSea: SOURCE [On NFTs] by Robert Alice

Project Summary

“SOURCE [On NFTs]” by Robert Alice is a pioneering fully in-chain generative art NFT project. Created as a companion to the Taschen book OnNFTs, this collection marks a significant milestone in the NFT space, being the first generative art collection launched on Christie’s 3.0 NFT platform.

Innovative Aspects:

  • Generative Art: Entirely on-chain, utilizing p5.js via the Scripty.sol encoding system, allowing for intricate and fully autonomous generative art.
  • Christie’s 3.0: The project debuted on Christie’s 3.0, highlighting the convergence of traditional art institutions with cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Technical Details:

  • On-Chain Encoding: Leveraged the Scripty.sol system to encode p5.js, ensuring that the art generation process remains entirely on-chain.
  • End-to-End Solution: NFTCulture provided a comprehensive solution, integrating smart contract development, metadata management, and artwork deployment.

Impact and Innovation

“SOURCE [On NFTs]” represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of generative art on the blockchain. By embedding the art generation process fully on-chain, Robert Alice and NFTCulture have set a new standard for transparency and permanence in digital art. This project not only showcases the potential of blockchain technology in art but also bridges the gap between traditional art platforms and the emerging world of NFTs.


“SOURCE [On NFTs]” by Robert Alice is a groundbreaking fully in-chain generative art project, launched on Christie’s 3.0. Utilizing the Scripty.sol encoding system, this project highlights the integration of traditional art with blockchain technology, generating ~$300k in revenue.


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