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Unleash Your Potential in Big Time: A Comprehensive Gameplay Guide


Imagine stepping through a portal where history and fantasy collide, creating an arena where only the skilled and the cunning come out on top. “Big Time” is not just a game; it’s a chronicle of warriors, mages, and rogues set across the fabric of time, challenging players to their core. To navigate its vast domains, a comprehensive guide becomes an adventurer’s greatest ally.

With an ever-growing community and a complex world that evolves as you play, understanding Big Time’s mechanics can be as critical as a well-timed strike in battle. Knowing how to start, mastering the intricacies of time travel, and building a character that reflects your unique style are the first steps on this epic journey.

This guide is your key to unlocking the enigmas of Big Time. From setting foot into different epochs, engaging in heart-pounding combat, to amassing a collection of rarities and managing virtual assets, you’ll learn how to optimize your gameplay and rise to the ranks of the legendary. Let’s unleash your potential in an adventure where time is the greatest frontier.

What is Big Time?

Big Time is an exciting multiplayer action RPG that has captured the attention of the gaming community, especially those with a passion for role-playing games. It transports players to the enchanting land of Time’s End, a fantastical world where teamwork is essential to defeating formidable adversaries and seeking out valuable rewards. Comparable to iconic MMO RPGs such as World of Warcraft and Runescape, Big Time distinguishes itself by weaving the innovative technology of the Ethereum blockchain into its fabric, currently making it a Windows-exclusive experience.

Among the enthralling incentives Big Time holds for players are the rewards. Instead of traditional token sales, the game employs a unique distribution of tokens. Additionally, while engaging in electrifying battles and delving into both ancient secrets and futuristic wonders, players have the opportunity to procure a trove of rare NFT loot, an array of cosmetics, and various tokens, each enhancing the richness of their in-game journey.

A Brief Overview of the Game and Its Premise

In Big Time, players embark on a captivating odyssey that challenges them to combat enemies, unearth long-forgotten myths, and traverse a multitude of majestic civilizations scattered across the continuum of time and space. The narrative thrusts players into confronting an enigmatic menace, one that imperils the very fabric of history. Adventure beckons within miniature domains known as TIMESHARES, which serve as the game’s spine-tingling stages for players’ valiant exploits.

Central to the game’s backstory is the omnipresent PARADOX CORPORATE. As a remedy to planetary overcrowding, this corporate goliath introduces TIMESHARES. Yet, their solution is met with skepticism and criticism, amidst swirling allegations of corrupting time itself. Within this complex setting, players can assume the mantle of one of four diverse character classes: the stalwart Time Warrior, the mystical Chronomancer, the stealthy Shadowblade, or the ingenious Quantum Fixer. Each class comes equipped with its own exceptional skill set, empowering players to tailor their gameplay to their preferred style and to adapt fluidly within a variety of strategic contexts.

Big Time seamlessly melds the dynamism of third-person action RPGs with the camaraderie of cooperative multiplayer adventures, all while incorporating cutting-edge blockchain technology to facilitate NFT integration. This combination offers players an immersive gaming experience that spans exploration, combat, and character progression, ensuring that every moment in the game is as varied as the eras they travel through.

Getting Started

Big Time offers a refreshing blend of fast-action combat and intricate time-traveling experiences set within a free-to-play MMORPG framework. Those who dive into this vast adventure will find themselves at the heart of Time’s End, engaging with missions across dungeons alongside their parties of six. With the opportunity to earn NFTs and tokens which may be sold for cryptocurrencies, the allure of Big Time extends beyond the game world into the possibility of real-world gains.

Setting up your account

Embarking on your journey in Big Time means first setting up your adventurer’s account. Beyond its fantastical setting, the game, hailing from a team with pedigree from Epic Games and others, promises a massive 3D overworld and Epoch City, a bustling hub ripe for exploration. Upon setting up your Big Time account, which is free-to-play, you’ll find companionship in six-player co-op groups, and engage in combat against formidable foes and ancient enigmas. To join Big Time’s expansive realms on the Ethereum blockchain and secure your spot before the BETA version goes live, purchasing passes is a necessary step.

Creating your character

Your Big Time saga begins by forging your in-game persona from four diverse and powerful character classes: the Time Warrior, the Chronomancer, the Shadowblade, and the Quantum Fixer. Each class harbors a unique set of abilities, shaping distinct gameplay and strategic planning for the party. A magical touch in the game is the Pocket Watch device, which allows characters the flexibility to switch classes in real-time, adjusting your tactics to meet the evolving challenges of the dungeons. Form effective six-player parties, and face the dungeons head-on, accumulating not just powerful loot, but also experiences that shape your character’s narrative and potency.

Understanding the game mechanics

Navigating Big Time’s game mechanics is as much about strategy as it is about adaptability. Seamlessly switch between the four classes to adapt your approach and remain in sync with your party’s needs, all while keeping a keen eye on the unfolding mission. An integral part to mastering the game is managing tokens and your ‘Hourglass’ resources; failure to do so could have the sands of time run out on your expedition. Thanks to the blend of blockchain technology into its core, Big Time stands apart as a pioneer in integrating NFTs for asset ownership and in-game customizations. Brace yourself; your task isn’t just to fight and explore—it’s to confront a cryptic threat that seeks to unravel the threads of time, dispatching you on a quest to restore the stability of different historical eras within the game.

Exploring the Time Machine

In Big Time, the heart of adventure beats within the intricate workings of the time machine. This is no ordinary mode of travel; it’s a marvel of the virtual universe. Adorned with NFT artifacts that showcase individual flair, your time machine is a customizable vessel that transcends the boundaries of the typical gaming experience. Picture a black hole portal, not just as a static image but as a gateway to dungeon instances where you and your team do battle.

The beauty of these time machines lies in their ability to let you ride the currents of the metaverse. You aren’t confined to a single character class but can switch tracks as you please, allowing for flexibility and depth in gameplay. Imagine being a fierce Time Warrior in one moment and then, with a swift traversal through your time machine, emerging as a cunning Shadowblade to turn the tide of battle in another.

Within these portals, real-time combat unfolds with a satisfying blend of magic and melee, where every slash and spell is a testament to your chosen fighting style. Big Time’s time machines are vessels of liberation, portals that stand testament to the game’s commitment to an unbounded adventure through time.

Unlocking different time periods

To unlock different time periods in Big Time is to embark on a journey unlike any other. At Time’s End, the game’s central hub, missions beckon players into dungeons, each echoing a distinct historical aura. Here, heroism is rewarded with an eclectic assembly of items for purchase—all the tools necessary for a seasoned adventurer like weaponry, armor, and tokens.

Battle-hardened veterans know that to traverse these epic timelines, one must prove themselves in combat, overthrowing formidable enemies and unraveling dangerous quests. Tokens earned become currency that fuels further exploits. The NFT-powered mechanism of Big Time enhances this journey by allowing players to customize their time machines and switch up character classes seamlessly.

Engaging with each of the four character classes—be it the tactical Chronomancer or the supportive Quantum Fixer—unravels specialization-specific narratives that weave into the very fabric of time, making every trip down the corridors of history a personalized epic in its own right.

Gathering game tokens for time travel

Critical to any foray into time travel in Big Time is the acquisition of game tokens. SPACE, a digital plot within the game, serves as the cornerstone of this quest. As players either find SPACE within the game world or procure it from the marketplace, they establish a time-keeper portal—essential for summoning the all-important keeper of hours.

Tokens for time travel don’t come easy; they are the rewards of exploration and challenge. Essential to this is the specialized item known as the hourglass. Deceptively simple, the hourglass holds the sands of time required for token collection, and as a treasured item, it can run dry. A visit to the time-keeper, who resides either in-game or in the marketplace, ensures the hourglass remains brimming, enabling continued adventures and token collection.

Interacting with non-playable characters

Gone are the days when items and skins obtained from non-playable characters (NPCs) within games like Big Time remained static and untradeable. A new era welcomes us, where scarcity, strategy, and social interaction converge. Players can engage in a lively market of buying, trading, and selling, turning what were once untouchable parts of the game into lucrative opportunities.

NPCs in Big Time aren’t just cardstock cutouts—they’re finely detailed elements of a larger narrative, each contributing to the immersive storytelling that sets the game apart. Encounters with NPCs aren’t mere transactions; they are interactions that enrich the game’s atmosphere, enhancing play with dialogue and story depth. As the Earth grapples with crisis and parallels clash, it’s the NPCs that guide, inform, and at times deceive, fleshing out a world on the brink of evolution.

Collecting rare game items

In the vastness of Big Time, rare collectibles beckon. Confronting and defeating the game’s many adversaries offers a chance to amass such coveted items, which come in the form of cosmetics, enhancements, and tokens—an arsenal for the aspiring token hunter. But to truly excel, one must master the art of SPACE utilization and the strategic time-keeper portal.

Workshops tucked away within the larger spaces—Forges, Armories, Time Wardens—stand at the ready for the crafting and enhancement of weapons, armors, and the precious hourglasses. The rarity of space dictates the value of the items produced, a tantalizing prospect echoing the rarity of the NFTs crafted within. All the while, the in-game cryptocurrency $BIGTIME—a capstone in supply and earnings—spirals closely linked to the intricate economy of Big Time, influencing not just value but the very pursuit of rarities within this grand time-traveling odyssey.

Mastering Time Travel

In the realm of Big Time, the mastery of time travel is as crucial as the sharpened edge of a warrior’s blade. Players adopt the roles of intrepid adventurers traversing a cosmos teeming with both danger and opportunity. With Time Machines at their disposal, each journey becomes a unique foray through diverse epochs, whether one is brandishing weapons of antiquity or donning futuristic armors to withstand the onslaught of adversaries like the malevolent Broken Clockies and the formidable Guardian XL robots.

Big Time elevates the role of allies through the inclusion of Time Guardians, valiant companions that bestow protective auras and mend wounds while courageously absorbing blows in the heat of combat. Additionally, amidst accusations of temporal interference, the illustrious EVERMORE ACADEMY, led by no less than Albert Einstein himself, emerges as a bastion against the perils that threaten the fabric of time.

The tapestry of this game intertwines the richness of customization via NFT artifacts with a bustling marketplace for asset trade. Players delve into dimly lit dungeons, not only for the thrill of battle but also for the tangible rewards that await. These rewards extend beyond character enhancement—they potentially translate into real-world currency, setting Big Time apart as a gaming experience inextricably linked with tangible, immersive adventure.

Understanding the Time-Keeper Portal

The acquisition of SPACE is the cornerstone of Big Time’s portal mechanics. It is within these coveted pockets of the universe that the hallowed time-keeper portal stands, a nexus offering passage for those who dare to master time. Securing and placing this portal is the thread that connects adventurers to the enigmatic time-keeper—a figure as essential to Temporal travels as the hourglass itself.

Ensconced within this portal, the hourglass—an artifact pivotal to the journey through epochs—finds its lifeblood. It is here players must venture to replenish this finite resource. The hourglass becomes a beacon for one’s adventures, as it can be discovered within the in-game world’s rich bounty or procured via interactions in the marketplace. Its replenishment is vital, for without it, the path through time grows cold and the journey grinds to an untimely halt.

Completing special adventure instances

Adventure beckons within the radiating glow of Big Time’s Prestige Portals. These mystical gateways grant access to the game’s treasure-packed instances. Brave souls who dare to tread their paths discover challenges that surpass those found in the realms of normalcy. Each portal leads to distinctive timelines, whispering tales of Ancient Egypt, the chivalry of Medieval Europe, or the neon-drenched future of Tokyo.

Engagement in these instances is more than mere exploration—it’s a high-stakes gambit for resources. Just beyond the rich narrative and satisfying clash of combat, lies a smorgasbord of loot. Such rewards are indispensable, serving as the building blocks for crafting and enhancing the tools of one’s trade. Venturing through these special instances is an endeavor where risk meets reward, transforming every successful sortie into a fortune-forging quest.

Unlocking secret quests and challenges

Big Time offers intrepid adventurers more than just a linear passage through historical epochs. Tucked away from plain sight are secret quests and challenges, concealed behind the Prestige Portals’ shimmering facades. Discovery of such quests demands a blend of cunning and resourcefulness—unlocking them is a complex dance involving the strategic procurement of SPACE and the judicious placement of a time-keeper portal.

Tokens serve as the currency of this clandestine world, and to collect them efficiently, one’s hourglass must be ever brimming. Whether achieved through adventure or commerce, the accumulation of such tokens is tantamount to unlocking the hitherto veiled challenges that lurk in the shadowy recesses of Big Time. Herein lies the promise of untold riches and the lure of legendary status among the annals of time travelers.

Tips for efficient time management in the game

Efficient time management in Big Time is the quintessence of success. The crafting and refinement of equipment at the Forge and Armory become strategic focal points, with $BIGTIME serving as the currency to narrow the temporal gaps in equipment advancement. Players with foresight use it to polish their gear, thereby refining their gameplay approach.

The judicious use of $BIGTIME becomes even more pivotal when unlocking Prestige Portals, as it paves the way to exclusive content and rich rewards. To garner tokens swiftly, the assembly of SPACE, time-keeper portals, and the ever-vital hourglass is necessary—a trifecta that propels one’s ascendancy in time mastery.

The warrior class embodies the axiom of haste with its blistering speed, yet caution must never be forfeited in the pursuit of swiftness. Wise warriors scout efficiently, leveraging their agility not just for compelling offense but also to complete objectives with alacrity, achieving temporal economy and sustainable progress throughout the vastness of Big Time’s temporal seas.

Building Your Character

Embarking on the epic adventure within Big Time begins with constructing the avatar that will represent you through time and space. This pivotal process sets the stage for your journey, as you hone your hero’s skills, appearance, and capabilities. A well-crafted character is not just a reflection of personal style but an engineered embodiment of strategic choices that influence every encounter and conquest.

Choosing Character Classes and Abilities

The vibrant battlefield of Big Time offers the freedom to shape your destiny by choosing from one of four distinct character classes: Time Warrior, Chronomancer, Shadowblade, and Quantum Fixer. Each comes laden with unique abilities and styles:

  • Time Warrior: A master of arms who manipulates time to land heavy blows upon foes.
  • Chronomancer: A sorcerer who twists temporal forces to control the battlefield’s pace.
  • Shadowblade: A stealthy assassin, sliding through shadows to execute precise strikes.
  • Quantum Fixer: A support savant who bends the laws of reality to heal and bolster allies.

An intriguing aspect of class selection lies in the ability to switch roles seamlessly. Equip a new watch, and you’re reset to level 1, providing both challenge and versatility. These strategic shifts stress the value in leveling multiple watches and mastering various skills, while Reset Shrines offer an avenue to retract and reallocate points if your tactics demand it.

Leveling Up and Gaining New Skills

Progression in Big Time is tracked by levels earned through XP gains from vanquishing adversaries. Ascending through the levels rewards you with two stat points and a skill point to distribute. Stat points advance your health and stamina, vital for equipping potent gear, while skill points unlock or enhance the arsenal of abilities at your disposal. Pocket watch gear, dropped from fallen enemies, allows further expansion of your skill tree, presenting a depth of strategic development for dedicated players.

Finding and Acquiring Special Items

Big Time is a playground for loot enthusiasts. Special items gained within the game can be NFTs, exchanged on platforms like Open Sea, turning your playtime into profits. Crafting and refining Hourglasses as a Time Warden are central to collecting $BIGTIME, the game’s lifeblood currency. Venturing into Special Adventure Instances promises lucrative bounties, while the Mystery Box system bestows crafting components for those coveted items. Additionally, sharing the experience with friends via the Open Loot access code system can bolster your $BIGTIME reserves and propel you to leaderboard fame.

Customizing Your Character’s Appearance

In Big Time, personalizing your character’s visual appeal is achieved through crafting and upgrading a variety of distinctive armors and weapon cosmetics. Workshops, such as the Forge, brim with potential, enabling you to fabricate weapon collectibles that range from the common to the exquisite. The Time Warden’s crafting capabilities include the essential production of Hourglasses, indispensible for acquiring $BIGTIME. This in-game resource fuels the economy of Big Time and is pivotal to the personalization of your temporal trailblazer’s appearance.

By meticulously sculpting your character, selecting apt classes, enhancing skills, acquiring special items, and refining your avatar’s look, you cement your place in the chronicles of Big Time as a formidable time traveler, ready to carve a legend across the epochs.

Engaging in Fast-Action Combat

In the heart of Big Time’s immersive experience lies the adrenaline-pumping, fast-action combat that beckons every time traveler. Developed by veterans from iconic gaming studios, the game sets a standard for dynamic confrontations across an array of time periods. Players can dive into intense mano-a-mano skirmishes, blast enemies with arcane forces, or rally their team with healing and buffs, all within the game’s interactive combat system.

Each character class, be it the nimble Shadowblade Assassin, the area-of-effect specialist Chrono Enchanter, or the steadfast Quantum Healer, brings a unique tactical edge to the fray. The Quantum Healer is indispensable in sustaining the team’s vitality, while the Chrono Enchanter excels at impeding multiple enemies, offering crucial breathing room during engagements. Conversely, the Shadowblade Assassin delivers rapid, high-damage strikes demanding precise execution given their susceptibility in direct combat.

Understanding and exploiting the strengths and synergies of these varied classes is instrumental in constructing an effective fighting force. Whether you’re embarking on a solo quest or joining forces with fellow adventurers, mastering Big Time’s combat system is a thrilling challenge. Engage in swift, decisive battles, and craft legendary tales of valor and victory as you traverse this time-twisting role-playing epic.

Understanding the Combat Mechanics

Combat in Big Time is a dance of strategy and reflex, inviting players to immerse themselves within its richly crafted character roles. The Time Warrior, Chronomancer, Shadowblade, and Quantum Fixer each command distinctive abilities, carving out their niche in the battle theater. Players can savor the liberty of alternating between these classes, adapting to ever-evolving combat landscapes.

Fast-action gameplay sits at the core, urging players to deftly navigate close-quarters combat, employ magical spells, unleash ranged attacks, and utilize invaluable support skills. Joining forces in multiplayer scenarios is where the mechanics truly shine, melding individual prowess into a formidable collective. The game’s procedural generation technology ensures that each timeline adventurers step into is a fresh battlefield, with unpredictable objectives and foes, crafting an experience that is as unique as it is thrilling.

Utilizing Character Abilities and Strategies

Big Time’s strategic depth is exemplified through the precise use of character abilities and the benefits of coherent teamwork. The Time Guardian, a bastion of sturdiness, not only withstands enemy assaults but provides a crucial HP buff to comrades in proximity. Quantum Healers, the linchpin of any squad, imbue teammates with formidable buffs to attack, speed, and defensive attributes, proving their worth beyond mere healing.

A balanced party, consisting of up to six diverse warriors, thrives on collaborative strategy and ability deployment. The game promotes cooperation via a Down But Not Out (DBNO) mechanic, allowing incapped heroes a lifeline through timely revival from allies. This reinforces the connective tissue of the team, urging coordinated assaults and fostering companionship in the face of adversity.

Tips for Defeating Challenging Enemies

Prevailing over Big Time’s array of formidable adversaries necessitates tactical finesse and group cohesion. Integrating a Time Guardian can substantially upturn the tide, leveraging their HP bolstering aura to weather the storm of enemy blows. Quantum Healers are the linchpin of dungeon diving, amplifying offensive and defensive capabilities while crippling the opposition’s fortifications.

In the complex dance of combat, the Chrono Enchanter’s capacity to decelerate mobs enables the team to dictate the tempo of the clash. For a comprehensive strategy against tough opponents, merging the prowess of Quantum Healers and frontline warriors, like Time Guardians, provides an anchor for the team, while the Chrono Enchanter’s sustained assault from afar wreaks havoc unimpeded.

Mastering the Art of Timing in Combat

The quintessence of Big Time’s combat lies in the mastery of timing and rhythm. The Time Guardian stands as a bulwark, timing their protective abilities to shield and sustain allies. Quantum Healers must strategically time their healing and resurrection spells to maximize group survival, especially during critical moments in high-level encounters.

Chrono Enchanters and Chronomancers employ timing-centric tactics, spacing out their area-of-effect damages and slowing spells to grant their team control over the field of engagement. Meanwhile, the Shadowbladers demand pinpoint timing to unleash devastating sneak attacks, demonstrating that in Big Time, the well-timed strike or spell can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Acquiring and Managing Game Assets

In the expansive universe of Big Time, the acquisition and management of in-game assets are at the forefront of creating a truly immersive and player-centric experience. As adventurers journey through the annals of time, they encounter an array of exclusive in-game assets that lean on the power of blockchain technology.

The NFT-based asset system in Big Time allows players to claim rightful ownership of their treasured finds, be they cosmetic hero skins that flaunt one’s battle-hardened history, the coveted hourglasses that confer expertise in harvesting in-game tokens, or the coveted workshops where majestic weapons and armor skins are expertly crafted and honed. The allure of these digital collectibles is not only in their aesthetic appeal but also in the utility they bring to gameplay.

To begin their quest in the ethereal realm known as Parallel, players are required to muster a complete set of cards from one of the five Parallels. This card assembly is more than a mere requirement; it serves as a bastion of strategy, allowing players to tailor their play style to a fine edge, honed to suit their tactical predilections.

With in-game NFTs securely stored in an Ethereum wallet, participants in the world of Big Time are well-equipped to engage in the economy outside of the game itself. This secure digital haven serves as the portal to a market without borders, where assets can change hands with the ease of a mystic portal, illuminating the endless cycle of trade and progression.

The introduction of NFT assets in Big Time is more than an innovation; it’s a revolution that places the reins of the economy firmly in the hands of the player, fostering a market governed by fairness and opportunity.

Exploring different game genres

Delving into the realm of Big Time reveals a truth well acknowledged within the blockchain gaming industry – the inherent suitability of certain game genres. In particular, Role-playing Games (RPGs), with an emphasis on Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs), stand as the titans of blockchain game genres. These genres create virtual worlds rich with storytelling, character development, and the collaborative spirit that blockchain seeks to enhance.

Casual games carve out their niche, too, as favorites for blockchain integration. Their simple, accessible nature means they can entice a wide audience into the blockchain fold, capturing the hearts of those who might spend minutes or hours engaged in play.

Indeed, the Blockchain Game Alliance has underscored the importance of gameplay improvements in these genres as the driving force for widespread adoption. As the majority of the global gaming community resides in Asia, this demographic has significantly influenced the direction of game genre development within the blockchain space. The trend towards RPG and casual games has not gone unnoticed, with studies by CoinMarketCap and Xangle shedding light on their importance in the industry.

The penchant for RPGs in blockchain gaming is a testament to the genre’s ability to transport players into other realms, providing a sense of belonging and a level of interaction that is both rewarding and potentially lucrative.

Purchasing land plots and special passes

Big Time extends beyond mere gameplay, offering players the chance to invest in the very fabric of the game’s universe. The acquisition of land plots and special passes is akin to staking a claim on potential fortunes within this digital expanse. Esteemed guilds like Merit Circle have recognized this opportunity, with investments reaching up to $1 million in virtual real estate, exemplifying the tangible value embedded within these assets.

Purchasing a special pass, such as the Ruby pass from the Peoples Game Guild on OpenSea, affords players a unique vantage point, providing early access and competitive advantages even at the nascent Beta phase of the game. With prices hovering around $8.60 or 0.005 ETH, these passes signify both a token of entry and a mark of foresight.

Yield Guild’s significant plunge with a $500,000 investment in time machine NFTs showcases the confidence and financial commitment that players have in the game’s ecosystem. These assets promise more than in-game utility; they herald the potential for growth, trading, and profit in a continuously evolving marketplace.

For the discerning player, engaging in the real estate and special passes of Big Time is not merely a game within a game but a strategic move on an economic chessboard where the spoils of war are as virtual as they are materially significant.

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