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New Society Launch Mixed-Reality Book With Top Artists!


In a groundbreaking move, New Society has officially launched its 500-page hardcover book. It’s a rich amalgamation of over forty articles. Now, it’s ready for eager readers worldwide. This collaborative masterpiece transcends traditional tech publications. Moreover, it offers a visually stunning journey through various ideas, experiences, and perspectives.

“New Society” is more than just a book. It’s a unique space for readers to reset and rest. It encapsulates the brilliance of over a hundred artists. These artists come from diverse fields. They also include graffiti, fashion, photography, animation, painting, and more. The featured artists’ roster includes contemporary art world luminaries. Names like Agoria, Amber Vittoria, Beeple, Claire Silver, Diana Sinclair, FEWOCIOUS, Godron Berger, Pplpleasr, Tyler Hobbs, Sarah Zucker, Grimes, and Jen Stark are part of it.

An incredible photograph of the New Society book in a stylized manner under a statue

A New Chapter in Mixed-Reality Media: Launch of ‘New Society’

At its core, the book explores the theory behind creative products. It delves into the evolving art of a new era. This era emphasizes the creator and their brand development. It covers topics like creator autonomy, cyberfeminism, and the AI-art debate.

It highlights creativity’s central role in our information-saturated world. “New Society” brings together over 150 creators’ voices from around the world. These include traditional artists, entrepreneurs, and storytellers. Furthermore, they offer a fresh perspective on creativity’s role in shaping our culture and technology.

Dounia Sitayeb, the founder and CEO of New Society, shares her vision. She says, “Made with immense care, our aim is for this book to be more than just reading material. We hope it serves as a tool for your own exploration, inspiring you to look at technology — and perhaps the world — a little differently.

Delving into Creativity, Art Evolution, and the Role of AI

inside look of the New Society book, featuring artists like Beeple, Agoria, and more

New Society” will also be featured in the Galignani Library. This library is the oldest English bookshop on the continent. It is an icon of elegance in Paris. This partnership highlights the book’s historical importance and cultural impact.

The book reflects on the role of decentralization in culture. Enrique Menendez, the co-founder and editor-in-chief, comments on this. He says, “Decentralization, Please Save Culture is about exploring the innate feeling that drives us to create. It examines how this expands with technology. Whether it’s art or fashion, the way creativity proliferates has changed exponentially since the rise of the Internet.”

As New Society releases this visual and intellectual feast globally, “New Society” stands as a testament. It also showcases the power of creativity and innovation. Now, it is accessible to enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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