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Cristiano Ronaldo Launches Fourth NFT Collection with Binance


Cristiano Ronaldo, the legendary footballer, swung by Binance on May 29 to drop the news about his fourth NFT collection. This collection is a journey through key moments in Ronaldo’s incredible career, riding the wave of increased interest in unique digital assets.

What to Expect from the New Collection

While the exact number of NFTs in this collection hasn’t been disclosed yet, the launch promises fixed pricing for most items. The Binance blog post mentioned that all “Normal NFTs” will have the same price. However, the final “Super Rare NFT” in the collection will have a different price. The specifics of these prices will be revealed when the collection launches.

Previous NFT collections featuring Cristiano Ronaldo have included special perks beyond the digital assets themselves. For example, some holders were invited to play football with Ronaldo as part of a premium experience offered by Binance. This latest collection might offer similar exclusive opportunities, but details are yet to be confirmed.

Legal Issues

While there’s a buzz about Ronaldo’s latest NFT collection, he’s dealing with legal issues. Back in November 2023, he got hit with a class action lawsuit in a U.S. district court in Florida. The plaintiffs say Ronaldo was promoting, helping, and joining in the sale of unregistered securities via his Binance NFT involvement. They argue he should’ve known about Binance’s unlawful dealings.

Binance has had some serious legal trouble lately. Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, its founder, got nailed in the U.S. for facilitating fraud. He got slapped with a four-month stint in detention in April 2024 for his alleged part in a money laundering setup. This has intensified the spotlight on Ronaldo’s tie-up with the crypto exchange.

Ronaldo’s Commitment to NFTs

Even with these legal fights, Ronaldo’s sticking to his NFT game. He’s pumped about the new collection, talking up his soccer journey worldwide and inviting fans to hop on this digital ride. It proves Ronaldo’s all-in on NFTs, eager to give his fans something special.

Source: Binance

Despite these legal battles, Ronaldo and Binance are moving forward with the new NFT collection. The launch is expected to attract significant attention, especially from Ronaldo’s extensive fan base. Collectors are eager to see what unique items will be included in this latest release.

Final Thoughts

Ronaldo’s fourth NFT collection with Binance hits the scene on May 29, giving fans a shot at grabbing digital snapshots from his soccer journey. But, it’s happening while both Ronaldo and Binance are caught up in legal drama. With the launch date nearing, fans are keeping a close eye on how things play out and what cool stuff these new NFTs will offer.

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