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Samsung XR Glasses Mark New Contender To Apple’s Vision


Samsung is set to redefine the wearable tech landscape with its latest innovation, the XR “Samsung Glasses.” Recently securing a UK patent, Samsung positions itself as a formidable competitor in the extended reality (XR) market, directly challenging Apple’s Vision Pro. This marks Samsung’s strategic return to wearable technology, following its initial foray with Gear VR.

According to an Android Central report, the Samsung Glasses release late 2024. This timeline places them in direct competition with Apple’s anticipated mixed-reality headset, also due for release in 2024. Samsung’s initial production plans for about 30,000 units of its Glasses hinge on the initial market response, with future production scaling based on early sales performance.


  • Samsung will launch its XR “Samsung Glasses” in late 2024, challenging Apple’s Vision Pro in the extended reality market.
  • Expecting to use Qualcomm’s XR chipset, Samsung aims to lead in VR, AR, and MR with an initial 30,000 unit production.
  • Samsung’s strategy shift re-enters the wearable tech market, intensifying its rivalry with Apple and signaling a new era in wearable technology.

a pair of concept samsung xr glasses alongside the company logo

Samsung XR Glasses To Rival Apple’s Vision Pro…Soon

These glasses, expected to be powered by Qualcomm’s XR chipset, are not just another tech gadget. They represent Samsung’s ambition to lead in the XR sector. The XR term encompasses virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR), technologies at the forefront of the next tech revolution.

Samsung’s venture into the XR market signals a significant shift in the tech industry. Its collaboration with Google and Qualcomm underscores the collective focus on mixed-reality headset development. This further highlights the growing importance of XR technologies.

The Samsung Glasses signify a new chapter in the rivalry between Samsung and Apple. This development is more than a product launch. It’s also a statement of Samsung’s commitment to competing at the forefront of the wearable tech industry. As Samsung re-enters the XR market, the Glasses now take a central role. This move potentially establishes new trends and defines the future of wearable tech.

With other major tech companies also eyeing releases in the XR device market, the stage is set for an exciting era in wearable tech. The late 2024 launch of the Samsung Glasses is not just a product release. It’s also a glimpse into the future of technology, promising to herald a new era in the wearable tech industry. The question now is whether Samsung’s Glasses will surpass Apple’s Vision Pro. Especially in terms of popularity and innovation. The industry eagerly awaits this prospect, watchers and tech enthusiasts alike.

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