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Chibi Clash Announces Updates and Upcoming NFT Sale on Xterio


Chibi Clash, a web3 fantasy game universe powered by GenAI, has announced updates aimed at enhancing player engagement and community involvement including its launch on Base, a Play-to-Airdrop event and partnership with Xterio for its upcoming NFT sale.

The Kingdom Land Sale is schedule to mint on May 29 priced at 0.025 ETH each, with 2496 NFTs available, featuring custom NFT smart contracts representing land plots to ensure security and transparency.

In addition to the NFT sale, Chibi Clash has also launched the Play-to-Airdrop campaign to reward player engagement where players can earn Kingdom Points for participating in challenges, kingdom tasks, and leaderboard competitions, and additional points for recruiting allies.

Source: Chibi Clash

What is Chibi Clash?

Chibi Clash is a fantasy gaming universe where player actions in one game can influence outcomes in others. This interconnected system allows for a dynamic experience across multiple games.

Key Games in the Chibi Clash Universe:

  • Chibi Clash Kingdoms: A game featuring land ownership and strategic gameplay, powered by generative AI. Players earn Kingdom Points by completing challenges and engaging in various activities.
  • Clash/Survivor: An integrated web game within Chibi Clash Kingdoms. It is a roguelike survival game where players equip Battle Items on their Hero and fight against enemies, competing for leaderboard rewards.
  • Clash/Hero (est. June 2024): A standalone mobile game combining autobattling with item management. Players engage in PvP combat, arranging items strategically for victory. It includes a play-to-keep (P2K) mechanic, allowing in-game items to be converted into permanent NFTs.

For more information about Chibi Clash, visit the website and follow Chibi Clash on X.

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