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US$1.39 Million in Daily NFT Sales


Based on CryptoSlam data, CryptoPunks is the industry leader in the NFT market, boasting a remarkable daily sales volume of over US$1.39 million on May 12.

CryptoPunk 741 Takes the Spotlight

The highlight of the day was CryptoPunk 741, fetching nearly US$800,000 at the Larva Labs marketplace. This particular NFT last on-chain sale was seven years ago, selling for US$400. Remarkably, it now stands as the eighth-highest-valued CryptoPunk in the collection.

Securing the second position in daily sales was DMarket, operating on Mythos Chain. With a daily sales figure of US$945,383, DMarket has consistently surpassed the US$900,000 mark for three consecutive days. Notably, Sunday’s sales marked a monthly high, crossing over US$970,000.

NodeMonkes, renowned for its Bitcoin collections, saw a decline in its daily sales volume. From the previous day’s US$1.21 million, it dropped to US$565,277. Despite this decrease, NodeMonkes remains a significant player in the NFT market.

Beyond the top three, notable collections such as Pudgy Penguins and $CORE BRC-20 NFTs contributed to the market with daily sales volumes of US$473,136 and US$450,912  respectively. Solana Monkey Business, operating on the Solana blockchain, reported sales of US$429,598, securing the sixth position for the day.

Ethereum Blockchain’s Ascendancy

Sunday’s transactions propelled the Ethereum blockchain, home to the iconic CryptoPunks collection, to the forefront of blockchain rankings for NFT sales. With a total sales volume of US$5.24 million, Ethereum witnessed a notable surge of 25.6% from the previous day’s US$4.17 million.

While Ethereum led the pack, the Bitcoin blockchain trailed closely with US$5.08 million in daily sales, followed by Solana with US$2.67 million, indicating significant activity across various blockchain networks in the NFT market.

Final Thoughts

CryptoPunks continues to assert its dominance in the NFT space, with CryptoPunk 741 leading the charge in daily sales. DMarket maintains its strong performance, while other collections like NodeMonkes and Solana Monkey Business also make notable contributions to the evolving landscape of digital collectibles. With Ethereum leading in blockchain rankings for NFT sales, the market shows promising signs of growth and diversification across multiple blockchain networks.

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