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Oasys Forges Path in Japan’s Crypto Gaming Landscape Through SBI Partnership


Big ambitions are in store for Japan for Oasys, a blockchain network that specializes in gaming. Their collaboration with SBINFT market, one of the biggest finance corporations in Japan SBI Group, with its head office located in Tokyo. Through the joint marketing reach of both parties, this partnership seeks to increase the market share of crypto gaming in Japan.

Enhanced Integration of Oasys with SBINFT Market

Besides its original connection with Oasys’ HOME Verse, SBINFT Market has improved the Hub-Layer and MCH Verse blockchains. With approval, this integration broadens the opportunities for Oasys-affiliated developers to trade NFTs through the marketplace.

According to Daiki Moriyama, director at Oasys, the combination of SBINFT Market with Oasys’ Hub-Layer and MCH Verse significantly enhances the ecosystem by giving users and developers additional chances to interact and generate income in the blockchain gaming industry. This move demonstrates Oasys’ dedication to providing cutting-edge blockchain technology with a gaming theme to the Japanese market.

Stringent Criteria for NFT Listing

Only NFTs produced by approved artists and Oasys-affiliated providers will be listed in the SBINFT Market. A wide variety of tokenized assets, such as music, digital art, event tickets, and in-game products, will be available when SBINFT Market launches in 2021. It allows transactions using credit cards and cryptocurrency in addition to supporting NFTs on Ethereum and Polygon, which are products of Oasys.

Famous efforts on Oasys contain the OASYX NFT collection and Ubisoft’s Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles. The upcoming game Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles is being developed by Ubisoft, the company that is behind the Assassin’s Creed series. These initiatives show the expanding impact of Oasys and the gaming industry’s potential for blockchain technology.

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