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NFTFi Co-Founder, Stephen Young, Launches New Limited Collection With Digital Artist


Generative art has been a hot topic over the last few years. Is it really art? Is it ripping off other artists? A digital artist is laying these criticisms to rest with his new NFT collection.

This groundbreaking project is stirring the pot of creativity and technological prowess. Cape Town’s own Andries Odendaal, a digital artist known for his innovative edge, recently unveiled his latest brainchild, FABRIK. 

This gem in the generative art sphere emerged from a collaboration with Stephen Young, co-founder of NFTFi. Here’s everything you need to know about this project. And, of course, the big question is, can you get your hands on one of these pieces?

Introducing FABRIK

The FABRIK series is not your typical NFT collection. It’s a daring exploration into the realm of NFTs, with a limited edition of 1,024 pieces that redefine the boundaries of digital art. 

This project, a testament to Odendaal’s unwavering commitment and his drive to innovate, was created using complex algorithms. The code designed the project using simple geometric shapes to create intricate arrangements reminiscent of natural patterns found in geological strata and architectural marvels.

Odendaal’s foray into this project showcases a blend of high-level programming skills and artistic flair – a combination that’s as rare and intense as it is mesmerizing. 

According to Young, Odendaal’s ability to translate complex mathematical concepts into stunning visual art sets him apart in the field. This project is a visual feast and an artistic narrative on the dualities of structure and change as well as permanence and decay. 

The project was crafted without reliance on external libraries, and all metadata was stored on-chain.

Weaving the Fabric Into FABRIK

The name “FABRIK” itself, with its phonetic play and multiple meanings across languages, reflects the essence of the project. It’s an underlying structure or “fabric” of artistic endeavor, merging the notion of fabrication with the straightforwardness of a factory-produced item. And yet, each piece remains distinct and personal.

For the NFTFi community, this launch is more than a milestone. It’s a token of appreciation. It’s a gesture from Young to those who share his passion for the intersection of art and technology. 

The decision to initiate a free mint exclusive to this community underlines a spirit of gratitude and the desire to enrich the collectors’ domain with something truly unprecedented.

Andries Odendaal’s trajectory in digital art has always been marked by innovation, from his early contributions to the interactive media space to recognition as a forward-thinker in the realm of generative NFT art. With projects like FABRIK, he cements his status as a pioneer and challenges us to reimagine the future of digital artistry.

In a world where digital art is gaining unprecedented momentum, FABRIK shines as a beacon of what’s possible when technology meets creativity. 

It reminds us that thoughtful, intricate artistry can make a lasting impact in the ephemeral landscape of digital creations. For those lucky enough to snag one of these NFTs, it’s a piece of the digital frontier worth cherishing.

FABRIK Will Be Available on the Secondary Market

One thousand of the 1024 pieces are going to white-listed members of the NFTFi community. The rest will be distributed among the artist and the NFTFi team. So, if you want to buy one, you’ll have to visit NFTFi after release to see who’s willing to let go of one of these special treasures.

Stephen Young is a co-founder of NFTFi and is responsible for commissioning this project. NFTFi is a disruptive NFT platform used for borrowing and lending. If you want more NFTs but you’re short on cash, NFTFi will let you use your collection as collateral and provide you with funds to do something else – whether that be to buy more art or pay your phone bill.

To date, the project has been used for over 50,000 loans, with a total loan volume of over half a billion dollars. This provides more use cases and utility for the NFT world. With the RWA narrative blowing up, this might be the best time to start betting on various projects. Both art NFTs and tokenized assets could be the next big thing in blockchain.

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