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Casio Celebrates 50 Years with Exclusive Watches NFT Collection


Prizes Awaits Casio Watches NFT Holders

As part of the collaboration, the Yoki Origins platform will showcase Casio’s YoPort capsule machine and provide a gamified onboarding experience, where buyers can choose between two versions: one containing a single NFT and another containing eight NFTs.

Casio has partnered with various artists to create the digital collectibles for this NFT series, featuring eight unique pieces of artwork, each depicting a different iconic Casio watch model. The art will remain unknown until Reveal Day on May 10.

Casio is also offering several prizes to encourage participation in the NFT sales. Among these prizes are a limited edition original G-SHOCK bearing Astar zkEVM logo and $ASTR equivalent to 10,000 ¥ (or about $65).

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