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Ordinals Collection Motoko Sentinels Thrives After Bitcoin Halving


What is Motoko Sentinels?

Motoko Sentinels is a highly-gamified 10,000-piece Ordinals collection, and the second Motoko collection designed by Jon Ball of Poked Studios. His artwork revolves around the iconic Motoko ghost character, with 3D-animated artwork depicting each Sentinel flying through space.

Launched pre-Halving, the collection minted out in just three days, and is currently a Top 30 Bitcoin Ordinals project by secondary trading volume.

Holders complete missions to earn XP, which unlocks new layers of art and additional functionality. This includes the ability to mint Runes from the Ordinal, with work on the ability to inscribe BRC-20 tokens and bridge tokens within the Bitcoin ecosystem currently on the roadmap.

What is Bioniq?

Bioniq is a fast, user-friendly and feature-rich Ordinals marketplace. Created in February 2023, the platform leverages ICP’s ckBTC digital Bitcoin twin to maintain transaction costs at 10 sats, regardless of fees on the native chain, alongside offering a seamless user experience for new and veteran users alike.

On top of this, Bioniq is looking to add additional functionality for Ordinals collections. Using Bioniq’s game standard, creators can leverage NFT-holder interactions to create web3 games, unlocking extra ways for communities to engage with the collections they care about. This hinges on Bioniq’s promise of Dynamic Ordinals, which give more utility to holders whilst also adding more flexibility to the Ordinals ecosystem – made possible by utilising ICP smart contracts.

The Motoko Sentinels artwork is powered by BitGen, a custom inscription standard developed by Bioniq which slashes inscription costs to only slightly higher than a typical Bitcoin transaction. Due to its 3D animated nature, each Sentinels collectible exceeds 100kb, meaning the BitGen standard could save inscribers hundreds of thousands of dollars in inscription fees.

Bob Bodily, CEO of Bioniq, noted that; “Sentinels are a great showcase of amazing art coupled with the latest in Ordinal and Bitcoin Layer-2 technology. We believe that new developments in Bitcoin L2s will make Ordinals the most exciting tech stack for NFT, gaming and more.”

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