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‘Blur on Blast’ Allocates 2M Token Rewards for NFT Traders


blur on blast

The NFT marketplace Blur—renowned for its innovative approach to cross-chain NFT transactions—has unveiled its latest breakthrough: ‘Blur on Blast’.

Through this new initiative, users can leverage the platform to trade Blast NFTs while seamlessly switching between chains, enhancing accessibility and liquidity for NFT enthusiasts.

When users deposit into their Blur Pool on Blast, they will earn Blast Points, with the native yield from the pool allocated for future creator and trader giveaways.

Impressively, users will be able to redeem their Blast Points to earn a portion of Blur’s substantial prize pool of 2 million $GOLD tokens.

Source: X (Blur)

The Perks of Blast

Blast is an Ethereum Layer-2 (L2) platform created by the team behind Blur. It distinguishes itself by allowing users to earn native yields on cryptocurrencies like ETH, USDC, USDT, and DAI simply by holding them in their wallets.

The network promotes itself as a unique L2 by offering automatic yield generation for bridged assets through ETH staking and integration with on-chain Treasury Bill protocols. 

By preserving and potentially enhancing asset values over time, it appeals to developers and users engaged with NFTs, DeFi, games, and social platforms, rendering it an attractive option in the digital asset space.

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Blur on Blast now enhances NFT trading, bridging chains and rewarding users with Blast Points and $GOLD, enhancing accessibility and liquidity in the NFT space.

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