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Puffverse Moves to Ronin with Sky Mavis, Reveals Bonuses


Navigating the Puff Exodus

Users must migrate their ‘Puff’ NFTs to Ronin by May 6 to avoid asset loss. It is “highly recommended” that NFTs be transferred from PuffTown Game Wallet to Chain Wallet, as per a recent X post.

To simplify this process, Puffverse is introducing a user-friendly NFT Burning channel on its website, allowing secure bulk burning starting May 13. Notably, all NFTs on Ronin will preserve their current attributes. 

For users who smoothly transfer their assets to Ronin, Puffverse is giving away 1 million $IGO tokens and a special rewards package, including 20 PuffGo Diamonds, 5,000 PuffGo Coins, and 100 PuffTown Points.

Puffverse players can also look forward to upcoming events like the PuffGo Guild War and the Grand Opening of PuffGo Preseason on May 15, coinciding with the relaunch of PuffSim—all of which are set to boost gameplay experiences.

So, prepare for an exhilarating leap into Puffverse’s next phase as it teams up with Sky Mavis on the Ronin Network, unlocking boundless opportunities. 

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