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The Machines Arena Open Beta Debuts with New Playable NFTs


Upgraded Gameplay Experiences

In TMA’s Open Beta, Familiars now enrich combat, offering bonuses such as damage boosts and quicker skill recovery. Scaled according to rarity, the impact of these assets in ranked PvP matches ensures fairness across the board.

For a limited time, players can grab three starter Familiars for free. Plus, premium Familiars are exclusively in the in-game store until May 28.

Items acquired during the Closed Beta are also notably transforming into single-edition tokens, potentially increasing its value and significance in the NFT market.

Furthermore, server upgrades have bolstered connectivity and matchmaking. Developers have swiftly addressed community feedback by implementing bug fixes, refining UI/UX, and removing the previous “milkshake” feature.

And last but certainly not least, a new Play-2-Airdrop system is on the horizon. The game promises rewards for gaming, minting, content creation, and community engagement, all powered by the game’s native token, $TMA. 

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