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Man City NFTs Snagged Under 5 Hours—Another Drop Incoming


man city nfts
Source: OKX

Local Imagery and Rarity Prizes 

Designed by the renowned kit artist Christian Jeffery, this collection is rich with local symbolism. The red Lancaster rose, woven into Manchester City’s crest, reflects the club’s heritage. Meanwhile, the tenacious worker bee symbolizes the resilient spirit that defines the people of Manchester.

The minting initiative comes with several tiers of extraordinary prizes. Five individuals striking Ultra-Rare status will gain not only the ‘Roses and the Bees’ NFT but also an opportunity to play on Etihad’s turf, score match day tickets, and acquire an exclusive ‘Roses and Bees’ team jersey.

In comparison, 20 Rare prize recipients can look forward to their digital token coupled with hospitality tickets, a stadium tour, and their version of the distinctive jersey. Classic prize winners will just receive a digital collectible.

Notably, the partnership between Manchester City and OKX began in March 2022 and has been thriving since. OKX serves as the official sleeve sponsor for Manchester City’s current season.

Fans are excited about the second release of Unseen City NFTs, while news about a possible third drop is yet to be announced.

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