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Pixelverse Gears Up Airdrop Event with 10M $PIXFI Jackpot


Claim Exclusive Token Rewards 

Pixelverse—cleverly crafted by StepApp’s mastermind—emphasizes creating a collaborative and engaged player environment by rewarding the community and early adopters rather than chasing high initial valuations.

Gamers aiming to secure a share of the 10 million $PIXFI tokens must complete a series of actions:

  • Inviting friends: Earn points by expanding the community
  • Team competitions: Collaborate in games and win together to unlock rewards
  • Bot care: Receive rewards for maintaining bots, similar to a Tamagotchi system
  • Trading: Earn points through active trading in the bot marketplace
  • Battle Forecasts: Gain rewards for accurately predicting the outcomes of battles.

Notably, the Pixelverse Dashboard serves as the game’s central hub, providing access to the game’s NFT marketplace and staking opportunities, enhancing integration into the pixel-centric realm.

An upcoming public sale on, scheduled for April 25, will also allow users to secure tokens through promotional efforts, including a whopping 50,000 $USDT. 

Join the Pixelverse community now to shape the future of blockchain gaming and unlock significant rewards. 

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