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Magic Eden Outshines Blur with Record NFT Trading Volume in March


Magic Eden, a leading NFT marketplace built on the Solana blockchain, broke new ground in March 2024 by recording its highest monthly trading volume to date at $756.5 million. According to the recently released CoinGecko Q1 2024 report, in the first quarter of 2024, the top 10 NFT marketplaces saw trading volumes reach $4.7 billion. 

In the report, Magic Eden’s impressive March performance is attributed to launching its Diamond reward program and expanding into Ethereum-based NFTs through a partnership with Yuga Labs. These enhancements have boosted the platform’s trading volume, recording a massive $0.76 billion in March alone.

Despite Magic Eden’s record-breaking performance, Blur maintained its position as the top NFT marketplace for the first quarter of 2024, with over $1.5 billion in total trading volume. However, Blur’s market share only saw a slight increase from 24.9% in Q4 2023 to 27.6% in Q1 2024.

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OKX Loses Dominance in Bitcoin NFT Market

The CoinGecko report also highlighted shifts in the Bitcoin NFT market. The previously dominant platform, OKX, experienced a significant drop in trading volumes, decreasing by 73.3% from $0.68 billion in December 2023 to $0.18 billion in March 2024. This decline has led to a migration of Bitcoin NFT trading volume to other platforms like Magic Eden and UniSat, reducing OKX’s market share to 9.5% in March 2024.

Solana Memecoins See Massive Growth

In addition to NFTs, the report also highlighted the significant growth of Solana meme-coins in Q1 2024. The top 10 meme coins on the Solana blockchain saw an incredible increase of 801.5%, reaching a combined market cap of $9.36 billion by the end of March. 

Among these, Bonk (BONK) and Samoyedcoin (SAMO) were the only coins that existed before Q4 2023. However, newcomer dogwifhat (WIF) surpassed BONK as the top meme coin on Solana in early March. Another new coin, Book Of Memes (BOME), launched on March 14 and achieved a $1 billion market cap within just two days, demonstrating the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of the meme coin landscape.

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