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Trending Bitcoin Ordinals 

Following the highly anticipated Halving event, coinciding with the launch of a new Ordinals protocol called Runes, there has been a noticeable surge in these Bitcoin NFTs in particular:

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Launched in March, Runestone airdropped over 112,000 Ordinals assets for free to collectors who met specific criteria during Bitcoin’s initial year.

These digital crystals are now highly coveted, commanding a market cap of $579.32 million (9,206 BTC)—the largest on Bitcoin. Furthermore, its 24-hour trading volume has increased by 9.1% to $418,130 (6.60 BTC).

Runestone holders are also eagerly awaiting up to three token airdrops after the Halving and Rune Protocol—one of which includes a Dog memecoin

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Bitcoin Puppets

Bitcoin Puppets have gained significant traction on Crypto Twitter as one of the most valuable collections in the crypto space.

Owing to its visually unique monkey characters—reminiscent of quick Microsoft Paint sketches—the daily trading volume of these puppets is $883,142 (13.94 BTC), with a current market cap of $230.42 million (3,637 BTC).

On top of this, Rune Pups, distributed for free to Bitcoin Puppets holders, are generating buzz. The collection’s 24-hour trading volume is up 10.7% to $853,999 (13.48 BTC). 


NodeMonkes stands out as a collection of 10,000 distinct digital collectibles inscribed directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain through the Ordinals protocol. It features charming pixelated characters, ensuring transparency and immutable ownership.

Impressively, its 24-hour trading volume has surged by 56.3% to $734,262 (11.59 BTC), underlining its growing popularity and market activity. 

RSIC Metaprotocol

RSIC Metaprotocol is another top choice. Differently, it sets itself apart for connecting traditional finance with DeFi on the Bitcoin blockchain. Its Rune Specific Inscription Circuits (RSICs) provide opportunities for yield farming. 

The project’s daily trading volume has surged by 33% to $421,931 (6.65 BTC), while its market cap is $98.45 million (1,554 BTC).

Taproot Wizards/Quantum Cats

At this time of writing, Quantum Cats flaunts a market cap of $73 million (1,158 BTC), with a 24-hour volume of $269,964 (4.29 BTC). 

Other Ordinals collections to watch out for in light of the closely approaching shenanigans are Bitcoin Wizards, Pizza Ninjas, Natcats, and Ordinal Maxi Biz, among others. 

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