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Bitlayer Debuts First Official NFT Following its Mainnet-V1 Launch


What utilities will the Bitlayer Lucky Helmet NFTs offer?

The Bitlayer Lucky Helmet offers a variety of practical utilities.

Lucky Helmet holders receive priority governance rights, granting them recognition as key stakeholders and have the potential to receive token airdrops from Bitlayer and other ecosystem projects.

Additionally, they earn official campaign points and can benefit from point multipliers in ecological projects.

How to get involved?

Minting a Bitlayer Lucky Helmet NFT involves participation in community-driven activities and events organized by Bitlayer.

Whitelists will be granted to early adopters and active members (2,500 NFTs) of the Bitlayer ecosystem, with a portion allocated (1,500 NFTs) to Bitcoin evangelists and community builders. While only a limited number of whitelists (1,000 NFTs) will be available to the broader public through an upcoming collaboration with OKX Wallet. The OKX Wallet event will run from April 24 – May 1, with winners announced within 24 hours after the event ends.

Users qualified for the whitelist are required to log in to the Bitlayer official website to mint within the specified timeframe.

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